There is a strong sense of brotherhood among the football players who represent Camdenton every Friday night.

For some of those players, however, the brotherhood is biological. Junior Joseph Bernabe and sophomore Jeremy Bernabe are brothers along with senior Isaiah Lumley and junior Jon Lumley, senior Seth Harris and sophomore Ethan Harris and sophomores Colin and Connor Thomas. There are also a pair of cousins in the mix with seniors Bo Shore and Jackson Ezard.

Having a teammate you are related to can help create a lot of team chemistry and it also makes for a little fun competition as well on the gridiron.

“If you want to hit your brother really hard, it is fun,” Jeremy said of the game with a smile.

Jeremy is also known as “Mean Jere” while his older brother is known as “Mean Joe,” so it is perhaps unsurprising that they relish at the opportunity to take each other down. Both Bernabes play at the running back position offensively for the Lakers so there are plenty of opportunities to do just that when one of them is carrying the ball. They have also not forgotten the message given to them by their older brother Justin, a 2013 Camdenton graduate.

“Run the ball hard and never give up. It is a sport to play and love,” Jeremy recalled.

For others on the team, though, the challenge is not between each other, but the ability to protect one another.

Before the season got started, Jon was considering playing at tight end. During a weightlifting session after school, Coach Jeff Shore approached the junior with the proposition of playing at guard among the offensive line instead and it was a proposition Jon was glad the coach made. Instead of catching touchdown passes from his older brother Isaiah who plays quarterback, Jon now has the responsibility of making sure nobody touches him.

“Since I’ve gotten to do that it has just kind of made it more special to me. Compared to maybe having the chance to get a touchdown pass from him (Isaiah) occasionally, I have the ability to protect him every play,” he stated.

Being the older brother, however, Isaiah feels an obligation to look out for his younger brother as well.

“Even though he is putting big guys on their back that I don’t, if anybody ever does anything I’ll go over there and say something. Then I’ll run away pretty quickly after that,” joked Isaiah who stands at 5-foot-7. “But since I’m the older brother there is always kind of that protection you have for your younger brother.”

As the season goes along, one thing each brother will undoubtedly look to do is make the most of the time they have together on the field with their sibling. That especially reigns true for the seniors who are playing the final games of their Laker careers.

Seth is one of those seniors. His cousin Liam Kohler graduated from Camdenton last year and told him just how quickly the season goes so he better “give it his all.” Seth plans to do just that as he goes to battle every Friday night with his brother Ethan.

“It is a sport we both love so the chance to play it with my brother is quite a good experience,” Seth stated. “You better cherish it if you have the opportunity.”

Sound advice indeed.