Purdue comes to Columbia this week with Jeff Brohm set to coach in his first road game with the Boilermakers.

It won’t be an easy trip for Brohm and his team. Though Missouri comes off a loss to South Carolina, Purdue has not won back-to-back games since 2012.

Mike Carmin, who covers the Boilermakers for the Journal and Courier, spoke with the Tribune’s Nick Kelly to preview the matchup.

Q: Has coach Jeff Brohm showcased his offensive expertise through two games?

A: Yeah, we have seen some innovation. We have seen some different things. We see him finding holes in the defense. When he came in here, there was a trust factor that the team would be better prepared. They would be coached better. The coaches would find weaknesses in other teams and exploit that as much as they could. For the first time in a long time, when the talent is even, I think Purdue has an advantage on the sideline. In the end, talent wins out. It has been exciting and different in the first two games in the way they have thrown the ball around and some trickeration here and there. It has been different.

Q: You have covered Purdue for more than 20 years. What makes Brohm different from any other coach you have covered?

A: He definitely has a plan, and he is executing that plan to the fullest. He is all about football. He is just not that worried about other things around him. There are other things he has to deal with on a daily basis that doesn’t involve football, but his major focus is football. That’s what it is. He understands the uniform thing and other things that appeal to kids nowadays, but he is truly about football. Not that the other coaches were not, but he has a different sense about him. He is focused on one thing and he has other people to focus on the other things. He is about recruiting and preparing this team to get what he can get out of the team this year.

Q: Purdue has been using a two-quarterback system. When do you expect Purdue to name a full-time starter, if ever?

A: I don’t know. I can’t answer that right now. The production they are getting out of the quarterback position, even though it is from two guys, I think is working. When you look at the numbers, it’s working. When you watch the game, it is working. I don’t know if they are in a hurry (to name a starter), but looking at the schedule, they have two more games before a bye in October, and maybe coming out of that bye, they settle on one. Really, Jeff is judging this a lot by what has happened in games. So far, both guys have performed well in games. Now, David Blough had a couple of bad interceptions. Elijah Sindelar wasn’t perfect his first game, but he can throw the ball well. Until there is a drop off by either one, I think it is going to continue. The competition has really forced both guys to up their level of play. Therefore, you are getting the kind of production they are getting out of both guys.

Q: What has surprised you most about Purdue through two games?

A: We kind of knew it would happen, but since Jeff got here, he has preached about playing hard and playing with effort and having a competitive spirit. Through the first two games, they have done that. Now, this is not the same team that played last year. And so far, they have done that. I don’t know if that is surprising, but it is like, OK, it’s happening and it has happened quickly. Maybe we thought there would be a few more growing pains with that and there might be some pains down the road. I think that surprised me a little bit that happened right out of the gate. Each game was a night game, so there is extra juice for that. You don’t know all the factors to that. But if he can lay a foundation of these guys playing hard all the time, then the other stuff takes care of itself.

Really, no other surprises. We thought their defense would be aggressive and attacking, and they have been. The offensive line has probably held up OK through two games. I thought maybe some of the newcomers at receiver would be more of a factor right now, but that is not the case in part because they are still learning the system, but also the guys who are returning have held onto their jobs. So not a lot of big surprises right now, but maybe just the overall style of play and how hard they are playing, which is refreshing to everyone around here.

Q: What do you think concerns Purdue most about Missouri?

A: Probably their quarterback and their offense. Their ability to put up some points in a hurry. Purdue needs to get some more pressure from its defensive front and get more sacks and hit the quarterback more than it has in the first two games. Granted, the first game was against Lamar Jackson, who can play Houdini, so I don’t know if that is an accurate judge. They just got their first sack last week against Ohio, where they were dealing with obviously a more stationary quarterback and not someone like Jackson. I think there was concern about covering receivers in the secondary and not getting enough pressure. I think that is the biggest concern right now. Defensively, I know there has been a change in coordinators, but I don’t think there is going to be a whole change in scheme going into this game. But they may do it better than they have the first two games.

Q: What do you expect to happen in this game?

A: From Purdue’s standpoint, it is their first true road game. If they start Sindelar, he has never started a true road game before. Blough has. So I don’t know how that dynamic is going to work. Before last week, I didn’t know if Purdue could keep up with a high-scoring team. Granted, they played Ohio, so it is hard to judge. I would expect probably a high-scoring game that could easily get into the 30s, maybe the 40s depending on a lot of different factors there.

Purdue is still in the proving stage, proving it can play a team in Louisville and proving it can come back after a good performance and do it again. The other factor is, these players have never won back-to-back games. The last time Purdue won back-to-back games was 2012. This program has not been able to back up win after win. To do it on the road against an SEC team is probably a tall task for them right now. I expect it to be a competitive game, but if I had to pick a winner, it would probably be Missouri. I don’t know if it will be under a touchdown, over a touchdown or what, but I would probably lean to Missouri right now.