The bragging rights went to Camdenton Saturday night.

Camdenton football coach Jeff Shore took on Lebanon’s Will Christian for the Coaches Challenge at I-44 Speedway in Lebanon as both coaches looked to raise money for their respective football programs. The two coaches were scheduled for eight laps, but after two spinouts from Christian the race was called about halfway through due to safety concerns and Shore was declared the winner. 

Shore, never having been behind the wheel of a race car, drove like a seasoned veteran on the track. Trailing early after the first two laps, Shore gained the inside leverage and catapulted his way to the leader position where he would remain the rest of the way. 

However, the Laker head man said he had some help from an old friend in 1987 Camdenton graduate Tom Powers who was the 2008 Rookie Class champion at I-44 Speedway and played football with Shore when the Lakers won their first state title. The duo were successful once again. 

“Tom raced here for a long time and helped me this morning,” Shore said of his former classmate. “I listened to him, got some coaching and once I was in it, I wasn’t nervous. I kind of learned to drive a little bit and got a couple of practice rounds in so I felt pretty good.” 

Shore has never relinquished his competitive spirit, but noted that the ultimate objective was to help the football program. It is not yet known how much money was raised for the program, but the race is something the coach may be interested in doing again if the opportunity came about. 

“I wanted to win it, no doubt about it so it was good. I would have been disappointed if I hadn't of, but the main thing is that we got some money raised for our football program,” he stated. “I-44 Speedway was very generous with that and they’re talking about doing it again next year and hopefully getting some more people here. It was a lot of fun so if they are up for it and feel like it could be a good fundraiser, I would certainly be up for it.” 

Shore also took some time to thank all the Laker fans who did their part and were in attendance on Saturday night. 

“Thanks to the Laker fans that came out. We had a bunch of them tonight with the heat and everything so it was awesome,” he said. 

With another chapter of the Highway 5 rivalry between the Lakers and Yellowjackets in the books, the focus will now shift to the gridiron where the two sides will meet in Lebanon on September 1st.