The Lebanon Family YMCA Swim team Yellowjackets recently won the Heartland Area Championship. The team was awarded first place out of 30 teams in their division. We are proud of these young swimmers and their dedication.

Team Member’s Events and Place

”A” finalists (top 8 in event at State):

Dakota Windsor, Ian Williams, Braeden Burgher, Gavin Schulte, Noah Long, Quinn Williams, Shane Stowe, Sofia Moncada-Harris, Matthew Wall, Sam Johnson and Lucy Hough

Top 16 finishers at Area:

-Grace Johnson: 200 IM (12th), 100 breast (11th), 50 back (10th), 100 fly (12th), 100 free (14th), 100 back (13th), 50 fly (10th),

-Dakota Windsor: 200 IM (4th), 100 breast (8th), 50 back (3rd), 100 fly (10th), and 50 fly (4th)

-Ian Williams: 200 IM (6th), 200 Free (3rd), 50 back (10th), 100 fly (11th), 50 free (10th), 100 free (6th), and 100 back (3rd)

-Braeden Burgher: 200 IM (7th), 100 breast (10th), 50 back, (6th), 50 free (8th), 100 free (13th), 100 back (6th) and 50 fly (15th)

-Emily Willis: 400 IM (12th), 200 free (13th), 100 fly (13th) and 200 fly (13th)

-Gavin Schulte: 400 IM (9th), 200 free (12th), 100 fly (5th), 50 free (16th), 200 IM (9th) and 200 fly (5th)

-Noah Long: 500 free (4th), 200 free (7th), 100 back (7th), 1000 free (5th), 100 free (16th), 200 back (9th) and 1650 free (5th)

-Quinn Williams: 500 free (6th), 200 free (9th), 1000 free (7th), 1650 free (6th) and 200 IM (14th)

-Michael Radlund: 500 free (14th)

-Hannah Adank: 500 free (11th), 200 free (10th), 200 breast (10th), 50 free (12th), 100 free (15th), 100 Breast (10th) and 200 IM (12th)

-Josh Adank: 500 free (14th), 200 free (16th), 200 breast (13th), 100 breast (9th) and 200 IM (15th)

-Shane Stowe: 1000 free (10th), 200 fly (8th) and 1650 free (7th)

-Sofia Moncada-Harris: 100 breast (7th) and 50 breast (7th)

-Sam Johnson: 100 breast (7th), 50 breast (7th), and 100 back (10th)

-Matthew Wall: 100 breast (16th), 50 back (4th), 50 free (6th), 100 IM (7th), 100 free (4th) and 100 back (3rd)

-Lucy Hough: 50 free (12th), 50 fly (11th), 100 free (4th) and 50 breast (13th)

A final Top 8 Relays:

-15-18 girls: Payne Jackson, Hannah Adank, Sophia Johnson, Emily Willis best finish (5th) in 400 free relay

-13/14 boys: Noah Long, Quinn Williams, Gavin Schulte, Michael Radlund best finish (5th) in 200 free relay

-11/12 boys: Matthew Wall, Ian Williams, Dakota Windsor, Braeden Burgher best finish (3rd) in 200 free relay

-11/12 girls: Lucy Hough, Sofia Moncada Harris, Lydia Redd, Grace Johnson best finish (9th)

-8 and under girls: Kennedy Raney, Milly Hough, Evelyn Martin and Eva Windsor best finish (6th)

In addition, Hannah Adank was the recipient of the heartland area athletic and academic scholarship. This is awarded to one boy and one for a girl graduating each year. Congratulations to all our Lebanon Family YMCA Swim Team!

For more information, contact Dawn Decker at or 417-588-1177 or visit

The Lebanon Family YMCA Yellow Jackets Swim Team offers kids the opportunity for strong individual growth through a dynamic team experience. Team members make news friends, challenge themselves and get great workouts