District Champs! Camdenton girls earn first district title since 2007; boys take fourth

There was plenty to celebrate on Saturday in Camdenton.

The Lakers hosted the Class 4 District 5 track and field meet with 11 other schools in attendance and by the end of the day, there were numerous district champions for Camdenton with some athletes winning more than one event.

A 10-year drought also came to an end as the Camdenton girls captured their first team district title since 2007 after finishing second in 2015 and third in 2016. This year they would not be denied though as they took the title with 106.5 team points while Helias Catholic finished second with 99 points respectively. Meanwhile, the Camdenton boys earned fourth in the final team standings with 76 points and Willard took the title with 114 total points.

Camdenton girls’ coach John McNabb was glad to see his team be able to celebrate a district title at home and while the title represented many individual accomplishments throughout the day, only a team effort made it possible.

“I believe we won eight events today, but that only adds up to 80 points,” McNabb pointed out. “So I try to stress to the kids that every point you can score adds up and we needed almost another 40 points to get to where we could be district champions. You have to have a whole team and not just those top few individuals. It has to be a team effort and we have to get everything we can get out of everybody involved.”

That full team effort grew out of a work ethic and McNabb said the team is not afraid to push each other to the next level and continue raising the bar.

“Everybody works hard every day in practice and they really do a good job of encouraging each other and picking each other up,” he said. “We had a couple of kids today who did not quite perform up to what they thought they were going to, but yet we’ve got some other kids who maybe did a little extra. You try to keep everybody up and going, hope for the best and that is the way it turned out.”

The work is not yet done though as the Lakers will prepare for the sectional meet at Eldon on Saturday and fight for a ticket to the state meet the following weekend in Jefferson City. Like the district meet, only the top four finishers in each event will move on so McNabb will remind his athletes of that fact as they prepare this week in practice. One thing for sure is that Camdenton is anxious to build upon this momentum and find out what they are capable of going forward.

“One of our goals is to get to the state track meet and make as much noise as we can when we get there,” the coach said. “We are excited about the opportunity that is in front of us and obviously when you win eight events, those athletes have a great chance to go on. We also have some others who have a really great chance to go onto the state track meet on top of it.

“We are excited about where these next two weeks will take us. Everybody else is getting out of school and we are just getting down to the important part right now,” the coach added.


Javelin: Coley Rezabek (1st) 117 feet and 11 inches


100-Meter Hurdles: Natalie Basham (1st) 14.9 seconds and Kylie Meier (2nd) 15.28 seconds

300-Meter Hurdles: Kylie Meier (1st) 46.24 seconds and Natalie Basham (2nd) 46.49 seconds

100-Meter Dash: Grace Wormek (1st) 12.48 seconds

200-Meter Dash: Grace Wormek (1st) 25.42 seconds

4x100 Relay: Natalie Basham, Clare Holmes, Grace Wormek and Kylie Meier (1st) 4:11.21

4x200 Relay: Katheryne Blackman, Kylie Meier, Natalie Basham and Grace Wormek (1st) 1:44.91

4x400 Relay: Natalie Basham, Clare Homes, Grace Wormek and Kylie Meier (1st) 4:11.21

It was also a good day for the Camdenton boys who qualified in eight events for the sectional meet and Coach Nick Bruck was proud his guys to say the least.

“We had two events that we won and really getting as many kids onto the sectional meet to give them an opportunity to go to state is what today was really about so I am proud of that for the kids,” Bruck said.

Of course, none of the team’s success happened by chance and it is this time of year especially where hard work is rewarded.

“We have those talks about expecting their best. At the end of the season they are in the best shape they’ve been in too so give them a lot of credit for the hard work,” the coach said of his team. “Today was about them just doing what they’ve been coached to do and putting the effort in.”

Now, time will tell if the Lakers have what it takes to send their athletes to state when they compete in the sectional track meet this Saturday at Eldon. However, Bruck said the last thing the team should be lacking is motivation.

“As long as we keep working hard, it is not uncommon to see kids continue to improve on their best. That is what you want here is just a chance and opportunity to go to state,” he stated. “You dangle that carrot of the state track meet out in front of them and that brings out the best in their competition so I’m anxious to see the sectional meet next Saturday. We’ll take it one week at a time and hopefully there is another one (meet) after this.”


Pole Vault: Gabe Kurtz (1st) 13-03

Shot Put: Todd Simpson (2nd) 49-11 1/2

Javelin: Gabe Kurtz (1st) 159-05


300-Meter Hurdles: Christopher Morgan (4th) 42.42 seconds

100-Meter Dash: Jacob Hill (2nd) 10.97 seconds

200-Meter Dash: Jacob Hill (3rd) 22.64 seconds

4x100 Relay: Todd Simpson, Williams Ezard, Jacob Hill and Lathan Wise (3rd) 44.52 seconds

4x400 Relay: Coleman Baker, Mason Bowles, Gabe Kurtz and Jacob Hill (2nd) 3:32.54

Three-peat! Eldon girls win third straight district title in meet with Osage

Make it three straight district titles for the Eldon girls’ track and field team.

The Mustangs were in Class 3 District 5 action in Owensville on Saturday as the girls and boys’ teams competed with Osage and 10 other schools and it was a good day for both lake area teams. Multiple athletes became district champions while others qualified for the sectional meet and they are now just one step away from state.

The Eldon girls’ bested the competition with 136.5 team points while Osage finished second with 110 points respectively. On the boys’ side finished fourth with 82 points, Eldon finished fifth with 65.5 points and Owensville defended its home track accumulating 154.5 points of their own.

The top four athletes or relay teams in each event qualified for the sectional meet this Saturday at Eldon:


High Jump: Jordyn Bartlett of Osage (4th) 4 feet and 8 inches

Pole Vault: Rachel Hanks of Eldon (4th) 8-06

Long Jump: Macie Halderman of Eldon (1st) 17-01

Triple Jump: Macie Halderman of Eldon (1st) 34-02 1/4, Kerrigan Gamm of Osage (3rd) 33-01 1/4 and Anna Herbert of Eldon (4th) 332-04 1/2

Discus: Haley Clifton of Eldon (3rd) 116-05

Shot Put: Haley Clifton of Eldon (1st) 40-02

Javelin: Kerrigan Gamm of Osage (1st) 112-06 and Karli Kempf of Osage (4th) 100-05


100-Meter Hurdles: Rose Colonius of Osage (1st) 16.65 seconds and Halle Herbert of Eldon (3rd) 17.02 seconds

300-Meter Hurdles: Halle Herbert of Eldon (1st) 49.42 seconds and Osage’s Rose Colonius (2nd) 50.17 seconds

100-Meter Dash: Cecilia Verslues of Osage (2nd) 12.84 seconds and Halle Herbert of Eldon (4th) 13.39 seconds

200-Meter Dash: Cecilia Verslues of Osage (2nd) 27.54 seconds

800-Meter Run: Lauren Imler of Eldon (3rd) 2:28.41

1,600-Meter Run: Micah Hill of Osage (4th) 5:45.31

4x100 Relay: Eldon’s Anna Herbert, Halle Herbert, Madeline Partridge and Macie Halderman (2nd) 52.85 seconds and Osage’s Loren Melton, Grace Edwards, Georgia Verslues and Cecilia Verslues (3rd) 52.88 seconds

4x200 Relay: Osage’s Georgia Verslues, Loren Melton, Rose Colonius and Cecilia Verslues (1st) 1:50.43

4x400 Relay: Eldon’s Macie Halderman, Nicole Reynolds, Madeline Partridge and Lauren Imler (4th) 4:21.53

4x800 Relay: Eldon’s Lauren Imler, Haley Thompson, Mariah Wardenburg and Alysa Neighbors (3rd) 10:36.03


High Jump: Jason Edwards of Osage (1st) 6-02

Pole Vault: Jason Edwards of Osage (1st) 14 feet

Long Jump: Jason Edwards of Osage (3rd) 20-02 1/2

Javelin: Jason Ewards of Osage (1st) 168-08


100-Meter Dash: Trenton Dillon of Eldon (4th) 11.39 seconds

200-Meter Dash: Trenton Phillips of Eldon (2nd) 23.72 seconds

400-Meter Dash: Jacob Whittle of Eldon (3rd) 52.66 seconds

4x100 Relay: Eldon’s Trenton Dillon, Isaiah Merida, Trenton Phillips and Jacob Whittle (1st) 44.23 seconds and Osage’s Danial Wermuth, Jackson Myers, Josh McCubbin and Matthew Hans (3rd) 45.83 seconds

4x200 Relay: Eldon’s Trenton Dillon, Trenton Phillips, Jacob Whittle and Isaiah Merida (2nd) 1:32.69 and Osage’s Danial Wermuth, Jackson Myers, Matthew Hans and Josh McCubbin (4th) 1:35.68

4x400 Relay: Eldon’s Trenton Dillon, Bobby Harkness, Isaiah Merida and Jaco Whittle (4th) 3:37.45

4x800 Relay: Osage’s Aaron Evans, Dale Lampe, Phillip Lanoue and Derrick Puckett (4th) 8:47.41

Versailles girls capture district title at Clinton; boys finish fourth

A district championship is coming back to Versailles.

The girls and boys track teams were in Class 3 District 7 action against 11 other schools at Clinton on Saturday and it was a day the Tigers will not quickly forget. The girls earned their first district title with 114.5 team points since 1994 when the girls and boys swept the district championship. Odessa was Versailles’ closest competitor with 105 points respectively. The Versailles boys finished fourth overall with 75 points of their own while Lamar won the boys’ competition with 164.5 points.

The top four athletes or relay teams in each event qualified for the sectional meet this Saturday which will also take place at Clinton:


High Jump: Tessa Edgar (2nd) 5 feet

Long Jump: Tessa Edgar (2nd) 16 feet and 11 inches

Shot Put: Carrie Hoffa (3rd) 36 feet

Javelin: Taralee Edgar (3rd) 104-03


High Jump: Tessa Edgar (2nd) 5

100-Meter Dash: Tessa Edgar (2nd) 12.95 seconds

200-Meter Dash: Keely Gustafson (2nd) 26.3 seconds and Gracie Hamrick (4th) 26.52 seconds

400-Meter Dash: Keely Gustafson (2nd) 1:01.49 and Allison Taylor (3rd) 1:02.72

800-Meter Run: Lauryn Shewmaker 91st) 2:28.71

4x100 Relay: Gracie Hamrick, Taralee Edgar, Keely Gustafson and Tessa Edgar 91st) 50.29 seconds

4x400 Relay: Gracie Hamrick, Keely Gustafson, Lauryn Shewmaker and Allison Taylor (1st) 4:14.05


Shot Put: Jonathon Geier (3rd) 44-11 3/4

Javelin: Jonathon Geier (2nd) 145-03


200-Meter Dash: Shane Randall (1st) 23.09 seconds

400-Meter Dash: Coby Williams (3rd) 52.42 seconds

800-Meter Run: Kendall Reger (3rd) 2:05.22

4x100 Relay: Kooper Wilson, Coby Williams, Shane Randall and Taylor Dobbins (2nd) 44.92 seconds

4x200 Relay: Kooper Wilson, Taylor Dobbins, Shane Randall and Coby Williams (1st) 1:33.52

Macks Creek track and field takes on sectionals

The boys track and field athletes of Macks Creek traveled up to Belton near Kansas City for a Class 1 sectional meet on Saturday with a trip to state on the line.

Unfortunately for the Pirates, they narrowly missed out on that opportunity in two different events needing to place in the top four to qualify.

Macks Creek senior Xabier Montez finished seventh in the discus with a throw of 99 feet and eight inches while junior Braden Bowman finished fifth in the 100-meter dash with a time of 12.03 seconds. Bowman, a state qualifier a season ago, tied for the last qualifying spot with a runner from Calvary Lutheran, but lost the tiebreaker system that the Missouri State High School Activities Association follows from the National Federation of State High School Associations.

The good news for Macks Creek is that the Pirates only lose two seniors to graduation and may have eight potential returners back in action for 2018.