Indian boys and girls earn conference bragging rights

Hard work can pay dividends.

The track and field athletes representing School of the Osage took that message to heart and the reward was conference bragging rights as the Indians swept the Tri-County Conference meet at Eldon Thursday night to earn the title of Conference Champion.

“It was a great feeling because everything that we worked for in practice all paid off,” Osage sophomore Garrett Sutherland said. “It took a lot of focus, hard work and dedication... and it pushes us to work harder, come back next year and do the same thing.”

Osage junior Rose Colonius agreed.

“A lot of practicing through the rain and stuff, which was rough, but it was worth it,” said the junior who helped her team win the 4x200 relay. “It gives us confidence for districts, sectionals and state.”

In 2016 it was Eldon who swept the conference on their home track, but their Highway 54 neighbor Osage would not be denied this time around. The Osage boys bested the field with 132.5 team points while Eldon placed second with 125.5 points, Southern Boone captured third with 115 points and Versailles earned fourth with 103 points respectively. Meanwhile, the girls’ competition was fiercely contested as the Indians won the meet with 128 points while Versailles placed second with 126.5 points and Eldon took third with 121 points of their own.

It was Senior Night at Eldon and although the Mustangs did not get the repeat they were looking for, seniors like Maddy Partridge did not fail to soak what could have potentially been her last meet on her home track.

“It was pretty nerve-wrecking at the beginning because everything is flushing through your mind like, ‘Wow this could be my last race on our home turf.’ But then our coaches really tell us to focus in so once you get your jitters out of the way, you are dialed in and ready to go,” Partridge stated. “You are also cheering on your teammates. It is not just about you and you want to see how everyone else does.”

Some of those Mustangs had a pretty good day including junior Trenton Dillon who set personal records in the 100-meter and 200-meter dashes and became the conference champion of the 100-meter dash. As much as he enjoyed those individual feats, he also emphasized how important it was to be a good teammate.

“I just want to keep trying to get my time lower,” Dillon said of the two races. “The thing I need to work on is the hand off in the 4x200. I usually have good hand offs, but we kind of messed it up and it took us to third. I just have to keep working hard and run like it is my last time.”

Upperclassmen like Partridge and Dillon are also hoping their younger teammates see how nothing in the conference can be taken for granted.

“Last year we had a lot of seniors that were very competitive in this sport. For us it was really important this year having underclassmen get really focused in and realize the different level of competition between a middle school and high school sport,” Partridge noted. “You are competing against seniors as a freshman so that is way different and I think it is important to let them know how serious you need to take it and how focused you need to be... The conference is more competitive this year than it ever has been so even though we got third, it is still a really good accomplishment.”

The Tigers of Versailles also put together a strong showing at Eldon and made their presence felt. Athletes like junior Kendall Reger and sophomore Allison Taylor played a big role in making that happen as Reger won the 800-meter run and 1,600-meter run while Taylor bested the field in the 400-meter dash.

“It feels great to know you are the best in the conference and definitely something to look forward to every year,” Reger said of his accomplishments. “I’m looking forward to it next year too.”

Taylor won’t soon forget what she and her teammates accomplished either.

“This wind today was pretty ferocious on that back stretch, but going through it I did not feel anything and it felt great,” the sophomore said. “Even though my time was a little off from how it usually is, it still felt great to become a conference champ so I’m definitely keeping that in mind.

“It was really good to finally see all of our conference at one meet and I felt it was really good overall, especially seeing how we placed today,” she added.

Moving forward, it is all about executing at the right time and continuing to raise the bar with the district meet up next.

“I think the work is just about done. We just have to keep working hard this next week in practice,” Reger stated. “I’m confident in my training and I’m confident in my coaches that I’ll be able to peak at the right time in districts and qualify like I know I can.”


High Jump: Jason Edwards of Osage (1st) 6 feet and 2 inches, Jordon Wade of Osage (2nd) 6 feet, Bobby Harkness of Eldon (3rd) 5-04, Austin Hazelwood of Eldon (4th) 5-04 and Grant Hutchison of Versailles (6th) 5-04

Pole Vault: Jason Edwards of Osage (1st) 12 feet and Alexxander Strickland of Eldon (8th) 9-06

Long Jump: Jason Edwards of Osage (1st) 20-10 1/4, Isaiah Merida of Eldon (3rd) 20-03, Shane Randall of Versailles (5th) 20-02, Grant Hutchison of Versailles (7th) 19-05 and Aaron Evans of Osage (8th) 19-02 1;4

Triple Jump: Kooper Wilson of Versailles (3rd) 42-05 1/4, Aaron Evans of Osage (4th) 40-07 1/2, Jordon Wade of Osage (5th) 38-07 1/2 and Austin Hazelwood of Eldon (8th) 37-09

Discus: Jacob Mason of Osage (2nd) 129-11, Chase Hyman of Versailles (3rd) 123-08, Salvatore Vladeff of Eldon (5th) 119-03 and Howard Hart of Osage (7th) 111 feet

Shot Put: Jonathon Geier of Versailles (2nd) 42-09, Anthony Grider of Osage (5th) 40-11 and Salvatore Vladeff of Eldon (6th) 39-10

Javelin: Jason Edwards of Osage (1st) 145-04, Jonathon Geier of Versailles (2nd) 136-10 and Caleb Wood of Eldon (8th)113-09


110-Meter Hurdles: Bobby Harkness of Eldon (1st) 15.71 seconds, Garrett Sutherland of Osage (4th) 16.73 seconds and Sergio Rivera of Eldon (5th) 18.5 seconds

300-Meter Hurdles: Bobby Harkness of Eldon (1st) 43.34 seconds, Garrett Sutherland of Osage (3rd) 44.66 seconds and Sergio Rivera of Eldon (8th) 48.09 seconds

100-Meter Dash: Trenton Dillon of Eldon (1st) 11.18 seconds, Trenton Phillips of Eldon (3rd) 11.51 seconds, Danial Wermuth of Osage (5th) 11.65 seconds and Taylor Dobbins of Versailles (7th) 11.78 seconds

200-Meter Dash: Shane Randall of Versailles (1st) 23.05 seconds, Trenton Dillon of Eldon (2nd) 23.22 seconds, Jacob Whittle of Eldon (5th) 23.65 seconds and Jackson Myers of Osage (8th) 24.36 seconds

400-Meter Dash: Jacob Whittle of Eldon (1st) 53.95 seconds, Coby Williams of Versailles (2nd) 54.97 seconds, Jackson Myers of Osage (3rd) 56.31 seconds, Josh McCubbin of Osage (4th) 56.61 seconds, Jonathon Miller of Versailles (7th) 58.07 seconds and Trenton Phillips of Eldon (8th) 58.31 seconds

800-Meter Run: Kendall Reger of Versailles (1st) 2:08.53, Samuel Rivera of Eldon (3rd) 2:12.21, Aaron Evans of Osage (4th) 2:13.39, Adrian Buehler of Versailles (7th) 2:14.3 and Derrick Puckett of Osage (8th) 2:16.96

1,600-Meter Run: Kendall Reger of Versailles (1st) 4:49.24 and Samuel Rivera of Eldon (6th) 5:05.07

3,200 Meter Run: Cylan Burns of Versailles (6th) 11:15.09, Chase Grosvenor of Osage (7th) 11:15.24 and Derrick Puckett of Osage (8th) 11:19.18

4x100 Relay: Eldon’s Trenton Dillon, Jacob Whittle, Isaiah Merida and Trenton Phillips (1st) 45.72 seconds; Versailles’ Kooper Wilson, Coby Williams, Shane Randall and Taylor Dobbins (3rd) 46.68 seconds and Osage’s Danial Wermuth, Ian Marsh, Garrett Sutherland and Matthew Hans (4th) 47.48 seconds

4x200 Relay: Versailles’ Kooper Wilson, Taylor Dobbins, Coby Williams and Shane Randall (2nd) 1:35.43; Eldon’s Trenton Dillon, Isaiah Merida, Austin Hazelwood and Trenton Phillips (3rd) 1:36.88 and Osage’s Matthew Hans, Jackson Myers, Ian Marsh and Josh McCubbin (4th) 1:38.34

4x400 Relay: Eldon’s Isaiah Merida, Bobby Harkness, Jacob Whittle and Austin Hazelwood (3rd) 3:39.57; Osage’s Garrett Sutherland, Jackson Myers, Mason Etter and Josh McCubbin (4th) 3:40.06 and Versailles’ Adrian Buehler, Jonathon Miller, Coby Williams and Kendall Reger (5th) 3:40.84

4x800 Relay: Osage’s Aaron Evans, Dale Lampe, Phillip Lanoue and Derrick Puckett (1st) 9:01.82; Eldon’s Caleb Cotten, Jay Dunham, Samuel Rivera and Jesse Dummermuth (5th) 9:35.41 and Versailles’ Kutter Baumgartner, Zach Kays, Quinton Ryerson and Bobby Love (8th) 11:30.4


High Jump: Jordyn Bartlett of Osage (1st) 5-04, Tessa Edgar of Versailles (2nd) 5-02, Lauren Imler of Eldon (6th) 4-06, Jada Sullens of Eldon (7th) 4-06 and Bri Hendrix of Versailles (T-8th) 4-06

Pole Vault: Rachel Hanks of Eldon (3rd) 8 feet, Cassidy Homan of Eldon (4th) 7-06 and Hannah Whan of Versailles (8th) 7-06

Long Jump: Tessa Edgar of Versailles (1st) 17-03, Macie Halderman of Eldon (3rd) 16-02 1/4, Bri Hendrix of Versailles (4th) 15-07 and Loren Melton of Osage (6th) 14-11 1/4

Triple Jump: Macie Halderman of Eldon (1st) 35-08, Kerrigan Gamm of Osage (2nd) 34-04 1/4, Bri Hendrix of Versailles (3rd) 32-10 1/2, Anna Herbert of Eldon (5th) 32-05 3/4 and Loren Melton of Osage (7th) 31-09

Discus: Haley Clifton of Eldon (3rd) 102-03, Karli Kempf of Osage (5th) 100-07, Lindsay Walls of Versailles (7th) 93-10 and Kenzi Bustamante of Eldon (8th) 93-08

Shot Put: Haley Clifton of Eldon (2nd) 37-08 1/2, Carrie Hoffa of Versailles (5th) 35-01, Kerrigan Gamm of Osage (6th) 34-02 and Kenzi Bustamante of Eldon (8th) 32-11

Javelin: Kerrigan Gamm of Osage (1st) 114 feet, Hannah Ruark of Eldon (3rd) 100-07, Karli Kempf of Eldon (4th) 94-11 and Taralee Edgar of Versailles (5th) 89-07


100-Meter Hurdles: Rose Colonius of Osage (2nd) 16.8 seconds, Halle Herbert of Eldon (6th) 17.39 seconds and Emma Geier of Versailles (7th) 17.52 seconds

300-Meter Hurdles: Rose Colonius of Osage (3rd) 51.39 seconds, Halle Herbert of Eldon (4th) 51.81 seconds and Anna Herbert of Eldon (5th) 53.03 seconds

100-Meter Dash: Tessa Edgar of Versailles (1st) 12.58 seconds, Cecilia Verslues of Osage (2nd) 12.95 seconds, Gracie Hamrick of Versailles (3rd) 13.12 seconds, and Nicole Reynolds of Eldon (7th) 13.77 seconds

200-Meter Dash: Gracie Hamrick of Versailles (1st) 26.71 seconds, Cecilia Verslues of Osage (2nd) 27.37 seconds, Keely Gustafson of Versailles (3rd) 28.08 seconds and Halle Herbert of Eldon (7th) 28.95 seconds

400-Meter Dash: Allison Taylor of Versailles (1st) 1:04.89, Georgia Verslues of Osage (2nd) 1:06.49, Keely Gustafson of Versailles (3rd) 1:06.91, Nicole Reynolds of Eldon (4th) 1:07.31 and Maddy Partridge of Eldon (7th) 1:09.54

800-Meter Run: Lauryn Shewmaker of Versailles (4th) 2:33.47, Lauren Imler of Eldon (5th) 2:34.76 and Julia Dehner of Osage (7th) 2:40.43

1,600-Meter Run: Micah Hill of Osage (4th) 5:59.98, Faith Parrent of Eldon (5th) 6:00.67, Sarah Porter of Osage (6th) 6:15.04, Sydney Hoxworth of Versailles (7th) 6:16.89 and Alysa Neighbors of Eldon (8th) 6:18.55

3,200-Meter Run: Micah Hill of Osage (2nd) 13:11.31, Faith Parrent of Eldon (3rd) 1:12.51, Kelsey Wallis of Eldon (5th) 13:51.18, Sarah Porter of Osage (6th) 13:58.43 and Sydney Hoxworth of Versailles (7th) 14:17.66

4x100 Relay: Versailles’ Taralee Edgar, Gracie Hamrick, Keely Gustafson and Tessa Edgar (1st) 53.10 seconds; Eldon’s Macie Halderman, Maddy Partridge, Anna Herbert and Halle Herbert (2nd) 54.57 seconds and Osage’s Loren Melton, Grace Edwards, Grace Otto and Cecilia Verslues (5th) 55.33 seconds

4x200 Relay: Osage’s Georgia Verslues, Loren Melton, Rose Colonius and Cecilia Verslues (1st) 1:54.92; Versailles’ Taralee Edgar, Hailey Burnett, Allison Foley and Allison Taylor (3rd) 2:00.62 and Eldon’s Maddy Partridge, Kayleigh Fike, Kristan Wilson and Trinity Crouch (7th) 2:03.75

4x400 Relay: Versailles’ Allison Taylor, Gracie Hamrick, Lauryn Shewmaker and Keely Gustafson (2nd) 4:19.10; Eldon’s Macie Halderman, Nicole Reynolds, Maddy Partridge and Lauren Imler (4th) 4:24.36 and Osage’s Jordyn Bartlett, Kerrigan Gamm, Julia Dehner and Georgia Verslues (5th) 4:30.59

4x800 Relay: Eldon’s Lauren Imler, Haley Thompson, Kelsey Wallis and Alysa Neighbors (2nd) 11:00.46; Osage’s Jordyn Bartlett, Sarah Porter, Micah Hill and Julia Dehner (3rd) 11:05.74 and Versailles’ Hailey Burnett, Allison Foley, Giorgia Marcuzzi and Sydney Hoxworth (6th) 12:33.06

School of the Osage and Eldon will be in Class 3, District 5 action at Owensville on Saturday at a time yet to be determined while Versailles will go to the Class 3, District 7 meet at Clinton on Saturday at a time yet to be determined.