Camdenton 2015 graduate Bri Bullock has remained fairly active since leaving the halls of Camdenton High School. 

Bullock’s journey began with the girls’ soccer team at Lewis and Clark Community College in Godfree, Ill., but an ACL and meniscus tear during her first season left her unsure of her next move. She decided to join the team at State Fair Community College in Sedalia as a captain the following year and recently tried out for the team at Missouri Southern State University in Joplin this past January, but she felt like the game she has played since the age of eight was no longer for her. 

However, it was around that that time that she discovered the world of Crossfit and the strength and conditioning training it offered.

“I did not love it anymore,” she remarked worrying another significant knee injury could keep her inactive for a considerable amount of time. “I felt like I was going through the motions and felt myself wanting to lift weights. I went to the Whiteman Air Force Base gym and saw sign about a crossfit class so I asked around, started watching Youtube videos and saw these girls working hard. I wanted to be strong again.” 

Bullock began attending the free morning class offered at the base and quickly fell in love with the exercise regimen noting the fun atmosphere it provided. A few months later, she won the beginner division at the  2nd Annual Crossfit Competition on April 6 at Crossfit Believe in Warrensburg, Mo., besting a field of 34 competitors. 

“I’ve come so far from sitting on my bed with my knee propped up thinking this was it. You think of so many crazy scenarios once you tear your ACL and what you’ll do afterwards,” she said of the mental hump she overcame. “Going to the gym every day I would not push it, but it (crossfit) was an ego-booster for sure. I did not think about my knee injury after the competition and that is how awesome crossfit is… I felt really great and saw lights and a way out of here.” 

Bullock plans on entering more crossfit competitions and hopes to one day compete in the Crossfit Games that features athletes from all over the world. She will also enlist in the United States Coast Guard in August performing maritime enforcement duties patrolling the nation’s waterway borders. Bullock will follow the footsteps of her older half-brother Cody Farrant who recently graduated from boot camp in the Coast Guard and her father David who served 31 years in the Marine Corps. 

“Both have been coaching me through this and I know for a fact that this (crossfit) training will help me through boot camp,” she stated. “Being competitive I hope to get the top PT Test award because I like to push my physical abilities and I am competitive like that. With the Coast Guard I can pursue Crossfit, continue schooling and I hope to become an officer. With a job, crossfit and school you cannot really ask for more. 

“After 20 years I plan to retire and then move to Hawaii and become a beach bum. All I want to do is surf,” she added laughingly. 

Bullock said she would still likely be playing soccer if she did not suffer the knee injury and pointed out that she still misses the game on some days, but she certainly does not regret the direction life has taken her. Looking back on her experience, the Camdenton alum emphasized that the most important thing is to find something you love. 

“Stay the course. It will be a bumpy road, but light is at the end of the tunnel and it is not the end of the world,” she noted. “Injuries are ego crushers, but go to physical therapy and get through it. You will be taken care of so listen to people and listen to your body.” 

She also offered advice for those who may be interested in pursuing crossfit. 

“Google it, watch the videos and go to your local ‘Box’ (crossfit gym). Any ‘Box’ is super friendly and super helpful and the crossfit community is very family-oriented,” she noted. “That is the point. They are friendly and supportive no matter how far you are and you will have athletes pushing you and you don’t even know them. Feed off the positive energy and at the end of the day you are athletes and human beings cheering each other on. Be open to it because there is a lot to learn and it is fun.” 

Whatever Bullock’s future may have in store, there is no doubt it will be an active one as she continues to keep pushing the bar and discover what she is truly capable of.