Camdenton girls capture first place

There was plenty of athleticism on display Tuesday night in Camdenton.

The girls and boys’ track and field teams of Camdenton hosted School of the Osage and seven other teams for the Laker Relays and the path to first place for any team was not an elementary one. The Camdenton girls met that challenge and defended their home track taking first place with 134 team points while the Osage girls finished sixth with 75.5 points respectively. On the boys’ side, Camdenton finished third with 85.5 points while Osage captured fifth with 71 points of their own.

Camdenton girls’ track coach John McNabb was undoubtedly pleased with what he saw on the track Tuesday night as the Lakers largely defended their home turf winning six different events.

“It is always exciting to win at home. You hate to have somebody come here and win so it is always a great deal to win your own track meet,” the coach said. “It was a great day for it and we had some great competition with several Ozark Conference schools here so I’m just real pleased with how everything went.”

As nice as it was to see those top performances, McNabb noted that winning the meet would not have been possible without a team effort where everyone is contributing and earning points that add up in the long run. Just a few days ago, the Lakers medaled (top 8 finish) in 12 different events at Hillcrest and the coach said that has never happened before.

“When you get some of your other kids scoring points, especially when they exceed your expectations a little bit, that is what really makes a difference and that is what makes your team really go is everybody scoring points instead of just a few kids,” the coach pointed out. “I knew we were going to be there in four or five events and have a great chance to do good things, but we have other kids coming through and medaling in a meet like that and some of those kids did the same tonight. That is where trophies like this are decided.”

McNabb hopes there will not be too much rust after a little Easter break, but he is excited to see what his girls can achieve in the meets to come. Among them is a meet at Southwest Baptist University where the Lakers will be up agains 40 to 50 schools.

“That will be a big challenge for us and in some of our other meets we will try to develop what we did tonight and develop those other team points that are so important,” he stated.


100-Meter Dash: Grace Wormek (1st) 12.63 seconds

200-Meter Dash: Grace Wormek (2nd) 26.42 seconds and Katheryne Blackman (4th) 28.18 seconds

400-Meter Dash: Clare Holmes (2nd) 1:02.81

800-Meter Run: Darby Roam (6th) 2:36.47

100-Meter Hurdles: Natalie Basham (1st) 15.64 seconds and Kylie Meier (2nd) 16.52 seconds

300-Meter Hurdles: Natalie Basham (1st) 46.78 seconds and Kylie Meier (2nd) 47.2 seconds

4x100 Relay: Katheryne Blackman, Kylie Meier, Natalie Basham and Grace Wormek (1st) 52.62 seconds

4x200 Relay: Katheryne Blackman, Kylie Meier, Natalie Basham and Grace Wormek (1st) 1:46.82

4x400 Relay: Natalie Basham, Clare Holmes, Grace Wormek and Darby Roam (1st) 4:12.96


High Jump: Megan Vest (T-3rd) 4 feet and 10 inches

Pole Vault: Shelby Kurtz (2nd) 9 feet and MacKenzie Scott (3rd) 8-06

Long Jump: Mariah Hadfield (3rd) 15-09

Triple Jump: Mariah Hadfield (6th) 32-03

Javelin: Tegan Shockley (4th) 87-06 and Daphne Dinsdale (8th) 76-07


400-Meter Dash: Georgia Verslues (5th) 1:06.23

1.600 Meter Run: Micah Hill (4th) 5:55.48

3,200-Meter Run: Micah Hill (3rd) 12:53.18

100-Meter Hurdles: Rose Colonius (4th) 17.62 seconds

4x100 Relay: Grace Otto, Clare Colonius, Grace Edwards and Loren Melton (7th) 55.96 seconds

4x200 Relay: Rose Colonius, Clare Colonius, Loren Melton and Cecilia Verslues (3rd) 1:52.16

4x400 Relay: Jordyn Bartlett, Julia Dehner, Grace Edwards and Georgia Verslues (7th) 4:40.79

4x800 Relay: Kerrigan Gamm, Julia Dehner, Micah Hill and Jordyn Bartlett (4th) 10:59.10


High Jump: Jordyn Bartlett (1st) 5-04

Pole Vault: Eliza Koeppen (8th) 7 feet

Long Jump: Loren Melton (6th) 15-01 3/4

Triple Jump: Kerrigan Gamm (1st) 34 feet

Shot Put: Kerrigan Gamm (5th) 31-07

Discus: Karli Kempf (8th) 89-08

Javelin: Kerrigan Gamm 91st) 91-06


100-Meter Dash: Jacob Hill (2nd) 11.24 seconds and Jay Griffin (8th) 11.91 seconds

200-Meter Dash: Jacob Hill (2nd) 22.69 seconds

300-Meter Hurdles: Christopher Morgan (3rd) 43.26 seconds

4x100 Relay: Jay Griffin, Todd Simpson, Williams Ezard and Jacob Hill (3rd) 44.78 seconds

4x200 Relay: Coleman Baker, Alex Amsberg, Lathan Wise and Mason Bowles (6th) 1:37.47

4x400 Relay: Coleman Baker, Mason Bowles, Luke Eveland and Christopher Morgan (8th) 3:45.16

4x800 Relay: Nicholas Salsman, Garrett Mason, Jake Thoenen and Coleman Roberts (7th) 9:36.63


High Jump: Lathan Wise (5th) 5-04

Pole Vault: Gabe Kurtz (3rd) 11-06 and Mark Ellefsen (5th) 10 feet

Long Jump: Todd Simpson (6th) 19-01 1/2 and Gabe Kurtz (7th) 19-00 1/2

Triple Jump: Gabe Kurtz (7th) 39-06

Shot Put: Todd Simpson (1st) 47-09 and Zachary Trusty (4th) 42-08

Discus: Lincoln McGuire (4th) 120-01 and Braxton Shamburg (7th) 113-08

Javelin: Gabe Kurtz (2nd) 152-05

Osage boys’ track and field coach Devin Johnson was certainly aware of the level of competition his guys were facing Tuesday night. Osage was one of the smallest schools in attendance, but the coach was not so worried about team scores as he was about seeing individual improvement.

“With a meet like this, what we really want to see is better times, better jumps, better throws and just consistent improvement throughout the year,” the coach stated. “We know we are not going to see a lot of these teams the rest of the year and conference is something we are looking forward to and eventually getting guys to compete well at districts and have a chance to make it to sectionals and eventually to state. It is just another stepping stone for us.

“We want to come to a meet like this and see bigger and better schools, see some fast kids on the track, some kids that jump and throw well and push our guys to the best that they can be,” he added.

Going forward, Johnson said one of the keys will be the mental approach to each event.

“We are still continuing to get better at how to officially warm up and how to mentally get ourselves ready to be a high-level athlete,” he said.


1,600-Meter Run: Derrick Puckett (8th) 5:01.51

3,200-Meter Run: Chase Grosvenor (8th) 11:19.04

110-Meter Hurdles: Garrett Sutherland (4th) 16.71 seconds

300-Meter Hurdles: Garrett Sutherland (6th) 44.17 seconds

4x100 Relay: Danial Wermuth , Matthew Hans, Ian Marsh and David Wermuth (6th) 47.57 seconds

4x200 Relay: Danial Wermuth, Jackson Myers, Matthew Hans and Ian Marsh (7th) 1:37.96

4x400 Relay: Aaron Evans, Jackson Myers, Garrett Sutherland and Joshua McCubbin (7th) 3:44.06

4x800 Relay: Dale Lampe, Steven Vickers, Phillip Lanoue and Derrick Puckett (6th) 9:04.36


High Jump: Jason Edwards (2nd) 6-02

Pole Vault: Jason Edwards (1st) 13-06 and Aaron Cuddy (7th) 9-06

Triple Jump: Jason Edwards (4th) 41-07 and Aaron Evans (6th) 39-11 1/2

Shot Put: Alexander Bradley (3rd) 43-01

Discus: Jacob Mason (6th) 113-08

Javelin: Jason Edwards (1st) 158-03 and Anthony Grider (5th) 127-08

Osage was scheduled to visit Tri-County Conference rival Eldon on Thursday and the Indians will be back on their home track Tuesday night for a meet at 4 p.m. Camdenton will take a trip to Ozark Tuesday night for a meet scheduled at the same time.