Versailles, Osage and Macks Creek take on large field at Tiger Invitational

It was a good day for the track and field athletes of Versailles.

The Tigers were on their home turf Monday night hosting the Osage and Macks Creek boys as a total of 16 schools battled for supremacy in the boys’ competition while a total of 14 schools did the same in the girls’ competition. At the end of the day the Versailles girls won their second straight meet while the boys finished second, Osage captured third and Macks Creek tied for 13th.

The Versailles girls blew away the competition finishing the day with 191 team points while their closest competitor from Cole Camp finished second with 109 points respectively. Here are the final results:


High Jump: Tessa Edgar (1st) five feet and Bri Hendrix (T-4th) 4-08

Long Jump: Tessa Edgar (1st) 17-03 and Bri Hendrix (2nd) 15-01

Triple Jump: Bri Hendrix (4th) 31-07

Discus: Lindsay Walls (2nd) 90-09 and Carrie Hoffa (5th) 84-06

Shot Put: Carrie Hoffa (2nd) 33-11 1/2 and Lindsay Walls (6th) 29-02

Javelin: Taralee Edgar (2nd) 80-03 and Giorgia Marcuzzi (4th) 54-06


100-Meter Hurdles: Emma Geier (2nd) 18.5 seconds

300-Meter Hurdles: Emma Geier (2nd) 53.34 seconds and Allison Foley (7th) 58.72 seconds

100-Meter Dash: Tessa Edgar (1st) 13.27 seconds and Gracie Hamrick (2nd) 13.89 seconds

200-Meter Dash: Keely Gustafson (1st) 27.86 seconds and Gracie Hamrick (3rd) 28.28 seconds

400-Meter Dash: Keely Gustafson (2nd) 1:05.15 and Allison Taylor (3rd) 1:05.45

800-Meter Run: Lauryn Shewmaker (2nd) 2:35.86 and Hannah Whan (7th) 2:53.12

1,600-Meter Run: Sydney Hoxworth (5th) 6:32.62

3,200 Meter Run: Sydney Hoxworth (3rd) 13:49.28

4x100 Relay: Gracie Hamrick, Taralee Edgar, Keely Gustafson and Tessa Edgar (1st) 53.5 seconds

4x200 Relay: Adaya Comer, Bri Hendrix, Allison Foley and Allison Taylor (4th) 2:00.49

4x400 Relay: Allison Taylor, Lauryn Shewmaker, Gracie Hamrick and Keely Gustafson (1st) 4:22.54

4x800 Relay: Sydney Hoxworth, Hannah Whan, Lauryn Shewmaker and Allison Taylor (2nd) 11:21.15

In the boys’ competition Versailles finished second with 101 team points to Clinton’s 169, Osage took third with 78 points and Macks Creek did not come away with any points, but Kaiedon Bentch put up the highest finish placing 10th in the 1,600 meter run at 5:43.02 and Xabier Montez took 11th in the discus at 89 feet and two inches. Here are the final results:


High Jump: Jason Edwards of Osage (2nd) 6-02, Jordon Wade of Osage (4th) 5-10 and Grant Hutchison of Versailles (T-5th) 5-08

Long Jump: Kooper Wilson of Versailles (4th) 18-07

Triple Jump: Kooper Wilson of Versailles 2nd) 40-10 and Jason Edwards of Osage (3rd) 40-04

Discus: Jacob Mason of Osage (2nd) 115-11 and Anthony Grider of Osage (7th) 8-01

Shot Put: Jonathon Geier of Versailles (4th) 40-03 and Michael Trotter of Versailles (8th) 38-04 1/2

Javelin: Jason Edwards of Osage (1st) 159-07, Jonathon Geier of Versailles (4th) 123-10 and Anthony Grider of Osage (5th) 113-02


110-Meter Hurdles: Garrett Sutherland of Osage (1st) 17.17 seconds and Kendall Cann of Versailles (8th) 20.58 seconds

300-Meter Hurdles: Joe Jeffries of Versailles (6th) 53.31 seconds

100-Meter Dash: Taylor Dobbins of Versailles (4th) 12.23 seconds

200-Meter Dash: Josh McCubbin of Osage (4th) 24.5 seconds, Kooper Wilson of Versailles (6th) 24.89 seconds and Coby Williams of Versailles (7th) 24.9 seconds

400-Meter Dash: Coby Williams of Versailles (1st) 54.49 seconds, Josh McCubbin of Osage (2nd) 54.64 seconds and Jonathon Miller of Versailles (7th) 56.99 seconds

800-Meter Run: Kendall Reger of Versailles (4th) 2:08.73

1,600-Meter Run: Kendall Reger of Versailles (1st) 4:56.75

3,200-Meter Run: Kendall Reger of Versailles (2nd) 10:46.83 and Cylan Burns of Versailles (6th) 11:53.88

4x100 Relay: Versailles’ Gage Tessier, Jonathon Miller, Grant Hutchison and Taylor Dobbins (3rd) 48.77 seconds

4x200 Relay: Versailles’ Grant Hutchison, Jonathon Miller, Kooper Wilson and Coby Williams (2nd) 1:39.81; Osage’s Caleb Christenson, Isaiah Garrett, Ian Marsh and David Wermuth (5th) 1:42.83

4x400 Relay: Osage’s Ian Marsh, Jackson Myers, Jordon Wade and Josh McCubbin (2nd) 3:46.04; Versailles’ Grant Hutchison, Michael Trotter, Jonathon Miller and Coby Williams (3rd) 3:46.29

4x800 Relay: Versailles’ Kutter Baumgartner, Joe Jeffries, Bobby Love and Trent Hyman (6th) 10:52.55

School of the Osage will visit Glendale on Friday at 3 p.m., Versailles will visit Smith-Cotton in Sedalia on Friday at 4 p.m., and Macks Creek will take a trip to El Dorado Springs on Tuesday at 4 p.m.

Eldon boys finish fifth at Bolivar Relays

After inclement weather cancelled a scheduled meet at Central Methodist University, the Eldon boys’ track team made a trip down south for the Bolivar Relays Tuesday night.

The Mustangs took on a field of 10 total schools and came away with some highlights that included Eldon’s Trenton Dillon taking down a school record in the 100-meter dash. Overall, Eldon finished fifth with 50 team points while Willard won the meet with 143.5 points respectively.


Long Jump: Isaiah Merida (4th) 17-08

Triple Jump: Austin Hazelwood and Trenton Phillips (T-8th) 36-11

Discus: Salvatore Vladeff (8th) 124-01


110-Meter Hurdles: Bobby Harkness (5th) 16.47 seconds

300-Meter Hurdles: Bobby Harkness (4th) 43.56 seconds

100-Meter Dash: Trenton Dillon (1st) 10.71 seconds

4x100 Relay: Trenton Dillon, Jacob Whittle, Austin Kempker and Trenton Phillips (1st) 44.78 seconds

4x200 Relay: Jacob Whittle, Trenton Dillon, Austin Kempker and Austin Hazelwood (1st) 1:32.9

4x800 Relay: Samuel Rivers, Caleb Cotten, Jay Dunham and Jesse Dummermuth (5th) 9:30

Eldon will be back in action on April 13 when the Mustangs host their home opener at 3 p.m.