The lake level was 655.6; planned releases of 1,200 Cubic Feet per Second (CFS) and 3,500 CFS which should cause the lake to drop to 655.5 by the weekend. Surface temperature at Bagnell Dam was 46 degrees. Truman Lake is at normal pool. Ameren is warning that the ‘winter drawdown’ has begun.


The Lower Osage is from the dam to the 22-mile mark; Mid-Lake is between the 22 and 38-mile marks; the Upper Osage is between the 38 and the Rt. 65 Bridge.


Poor, try around docks or submerged brush with mealworms, nightcrawler pieces, and Berkley Gulp Crickets or Earthworm pieces.


Bagnell Tailwater: Spotty, try minnows. Lower Osage: Good around large boat docks, try small jerkbaits fished 12 feet deep.Glaize Arm: Fair shooting docks with jigs. Gravois Arm: Fair when you can find schools of fish. Mid-Lake: Look for fish under docks with a side-scanner, try jigs. Niangua Arm: Poor, try jigs 10-to 12-feet deep around large docks. Upper Osage: Very good on jigs fished 14 feet deep along bluffs, try 1/8 ounce jigs tipped with Bobby Garland orange and chartreuse plastics and a white Berkley Crappie Nibble.


Bagnell Tailwater: No reported fish. Lower Osage: Fair in cove mouths with jug lines using cut bait. Glaize Arm: Fair, try deep coves with nightcrawlers or chicken livers. Gravois Arm: Poor, try juglines baited with nightcrawlers. Mid-Lake: Fair on juglines baited with beef spleen or aged shrimp. Niangua Arm: Poor, try around docks with at least 10-feet of water at the front edge. Little Niangua River: No reported fish. Upper Osage: Good between docks, try minnows (who would have thought).


Oliver and Gallatin won the Bass World Sports tourney with 23.9 pounds; Mark Weiss, Jr. had Big Bass at 7.04 pounds. Lower Osage: Poor to good on jerkbaits, some days are good, some are poor. Try jerkbaits on rocky shorelines and secondary points. Glaize Arm: Fair on jerkbaits and jigs fished on dark rocky shorelines and secondary points; also try A-rigs on deep points. Gravois Arm: Poor to fair on jerkbaits (cloudy days) and jigs (sunny days) fished on dark rocky shorelines and secondary points.. Mid-Lake: Fair on jerkbaits and jigs. Niangua Arm: Poor to fair on jerkbaits fished on secondary points. Little Niangua River: No reported fish. Upper Osage: Poor this week.


Lower Osage: No reported fish. Glaize Arm: Fair, watch for them to chase shad on windblown points. Gravois Arm: No reported fish. Mid-Lake: No reported fish. Niangua Arm: No reported fish. Little Niangua River: Shad are moving into the river, whites should follow soon. Upper Osage: Keeper sized fish are mixed in with crappie. Truman Tailwater: Fair for hybrids early, try spoons or topwaters.


No reported fish.


Bagnell Dam Tailwater – TBA; Lower Osage – Alhonna Resort (573-365-2634), Big Ed’s Guide Service (573-692-6710); Glaize Arm – Guide Skip Surbaugh (573-365-0006); Midlake and Gravois – Mike Foree @ Osage Beach Bait & Tackle (573-348-9333); Niangua Arm – Darrell Taylor; Upper Osage – Guide John Blankenbeker (573-280-1455); Little Niangua River – Greenmill Campground, (573-363-5577); Upper Osage – Bryants Osage Outdoors, (573-374-2278); Truman Tailwater – Cody’s Bait & Tackle, (660-438-7664); Lake Level (573-365-9205); Tournament Results – Thanks to