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The Adventures of Biscuit and Tater
This is the on-going adventures of two Labradoodles, a brother and sister, the boy is Butter "Biscuit" and the girl is Sweet "Tater"
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By Biscuit and Tator
Sweet Tater and Butter Biscuit are two labradoodles puppies that live in the heart of the Lake of the Ozarks. They live at Dog World Resort and Training Center and are fund-raising dogs, that are being trained as Camden County Community dogs. It is their job to raise monies to help build a non-profit Canine Sports Center. Their goal is to help raise $60,000.00 for a place for dogs and their owners to go play, train and work together to make this a better canine community and reduce the re-homing of dogs that may have negative behavior in their homes. Also to help homeless dogs be adoptable through proper training and having a place for families of pet owners to do with their furry friends. It is our belief that a family that plays together ...stays together.

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