This letter is in response to the Readers' Mailbag “Scared of Trump, scared for our country” from Lynn Crawford published March 27 in the Lake Sun.

A typical whiny democrat

Ms. Lynn Crawford addresses her diatribe to Al Franken a comedian and everything she says thereafter is a joke.

She calls our president impulsive, ignorant and a revenge seeking person with a large ego and OBAMA WAS? 

I think his tweeting is refreshing, what he says is unfiltered, unedited and in simple language.

As for, where is the Republican “Never Trump Movement” when you need them, in case you don’t know they have been defeated. So don’t expect too much help from them. You are going to have to bear this burden on your own. 

Get yourself a box of crayons, a coloring book and some playdough and you should be able to make it through the next 8 years.

Of all the arguments you have listed, I find it amusing that you think seeing Mr. Trump’s tax returns are any kind of a solution or even an issue. 

You also say that the news gets worse every day – CHANGE CHANNELS, Fox news reports much fairer then CNN.