This letter is in response to “Why is commission hiring an outside attorney for Sunshine law requests?” from Hank Zieman published April 4 in the Lake Sun.

Mr. Zieman, has it occurred to you and your coffee drinking friend "Joe" that there may be real legal issues involved, such as someone in the courthouse who is providing information under Sunshine requests that they shouldn't?

By using an outside legal firm to fill the requests the possibility of law suits is significantly reduced. This can save the tax payers substantial amounts of money.  

As for "Joe's" concerns about the cost of this service, he should know that the county is allowed to be reimbursed for all reasonable costs to fulfill the Sunshine request which will now include the attorney's fees.  In other words there will be no loads of gravel lost.

As an after thought, Mr. Zieman, is there any chance "Joe" might be an elected official who may have misled you?