Exactly when she decided to become a teacher and now author is hard to define but it seems that she has always figured she would, someday, teach and write books. In many ways, she said, she feels she has been working toward this point in her life since the 7th grade when she sold her horse to buy a computer.

For some, spending the day with high school students in an English class might seem daunting but for Misty Wilson, it’s a passion. Sharing a love of the English language, the power of the written word and the masterpieces of great authors like Hemingway and Fitzgerald with students is exciting.
Besides teaching, Wilson is the mom of two young boys who manage to keep her busy when she’s not in the classroom and she has recently completed a project that has been in the works for quite some time, she published her first book, “Most Likely to Succeed,” on Amazon.
Exactly when she decided to become a teacher and now author is hard to define but it seems that she has always figured she would, someday, teach and write books. In many ways, she said, she feels she has been working toward this point in her life since the 7th grade when she sold her horse to buy a computer.
“That was a big deal in my rodeo family,” she said. “I was part of my high school’s literary magazine staff and published there.  I was selected for a summer writing program in high school as part of the Arkansas Governor's School.  I even minored in Creative Writing in college at Missouri State. My major was English Literature.”
Although she enjoyed the experience of writing and publishing her book, teaching definitely comes first.  It's the real job. It is what pays the bills, but it's also where she feels her greater responsibility lies. 
She has been teaching for 12 years, currently in her 13th year. She taught for 2 years at Hillcrest in Springfield and has been at Eldon for 10 years. Wilson attended Missouri State and has her Masters in Teaching degree, a certification masters program for people with non-education degrees. She received the College of Education medal,.
“Which is neither here nor there.  Teenagers don't care what medals or awards or scholarships you got when you were younger.They want to know how you can make their experience in your classroom both useful and interesting. There's a certain amount of arrogance to teachers, I think.,” she said. “ We believe that we have something worthwhile to say, and that people should listen to us.  So, maybe that's it.  I love books.  I love writing, even essays!  I love finding connections in literature, symbolism and figurative language.  I like to think that enthusiasm carries to the students.  And again, I try to approach everything with a mix of humor in with the lesson.  I try to make what I know is not everyone's favorite subject a little more palatable.  I like to think that it works.”
Wilson said her kids usually do pretty well on state tests. Every so often she hears she is someone’s favorite teacher. Something that means a lot to teachers who hope to influence students.
“ I hear from kids who have moved on that they miss me.  I want to be sure they are prepared for their future, whether that's making presentations in front of hundreds of people or writing a letter to their Congressman or typing an e-mail to a boss.,” she said.
For those students, it might be hard to picture Wilson having interests outside the classroom and she does. Besides teaching, Wilson is the mother to two active little boys and has spent hours late a night in front of her computer weaving the story of a young woman’s return to her small, rural hometown and the characters that come of life on the pages of “Most Likely to Succeed.”  
On Amazon the book is described as the story of a young woman named Natalie James. James is back where she started — in the hometown so quaint, it would make Norman Rockwell sick. She spends her days dodging her mother’s probing questions and managing her granny, who is out to snag a new husband. Natalie doesn’t have time to deal with the handsome man next door, a former Marine who missed his chance with her once before, but won't make that mistake again. But life in a small town tends to throw people together, whether it’s hauling hay or sitting in church on Sunday morning. But what will Natalie do when she must choose and either follow her heart and stay....or show everyone she’s got what it takes to get out of this small town.
 “It took me a while to choose what I wanted to write.  I think that's the curse of someone who has read so much.  It's intimidating. By day I teach Fitzgerald and Hemingway, and at night I wonder how anything I can write will measure up.  As an English teacher, my inner editor can find all the flaws in my sentences, but also in my characterization and story line.,” she said.  At a certain point, you just have to give up trying to measure up to the great masters and write the kind of book that you want to read. Wilson likes fun books--funny books with quirky old ladies and sweet small towns and a main character who is just trying to do the best she knows how in all of these outrageous situations. 
“It's not exactly Hemingway, but it's entertaining.  That's what I like after a hard day of teaching, to be entertained.,” she said.
Similarly, she wants to read and write books that have a positive message.  Kids come to Wilson and they're reading these books with very adult situations.  Some kids are living with difficult, adult situations, and she hopes to write books that take people out of that for a while, but also have a good message.  No bad words, no sex, no drugs.  Books that she isn’t embarrassed for any of her family members, students or church friends to read my book.   
“I am excited to have my book Most Likely to Succeed released.  It's in paperback and ebook, available on Amazon.  I wrote the book over about a year.  I finished it before my baby, Peter, was born last February.  I had shopped it around and what I kept hearing from publishers and editors was that the Christian romance or romantic comedy market really was on Amazon.  You'd be amazed how many authors publish that way now.  It's through Kindle Direct Publishing,” she said.  
Essentially, she is self-published. Shewrote the book, formatted it for publication, designed the cover, and began a marketing plan all with no startup cost.  
So how did the busy teacher find the time to write? At night after her son went to bed, before her second child was born. On school nights she would write until 10 pm but on weekends would spend more time working on the story line and character development.   I would write after my son went to bed.  He would go to bed at eight thirty and I would write until ten on school nights, later on the weekends. 
Her work sat on her computer for over a year. At one point, she finally decided  It wasn't doing anyone any good just sitting there. After all, she wrote it to be read and for people to enjoy.  
The main character was written as an homage to her grandmothers.  Both grandmother's passed away within the past few years. 
“The old ladies in my book are similar to them, or how I think they'd like to come across on the page.  Even with all of the antics they get up to, I think that my grandmothers would get a kick out of it.  They'd laugh and be glad that they never got up to this much trouble.” wilson laughed. “ As I think of it when I'm working on a rough draft, it's all just adding sand to the sandbox, the refining comes later.  I got that from someone famous but I don't remember who!”