If you are sick, stay away from others as much as possible to keep from infecting them. If you must leave home, for example to get medical care, wear a facemask if you have one, or cover coughs and sneezes with the crook of your elbow or a tissue. Wash your hands often, both to prevent passing on the flu if you have it and to help you avoid catching it if you do not.

While numbers of flu-related cases start to climb, lake area school districts seem to be faring well. With the exception of Camdenton, school officials are reporting little if an increase in the number of students being reported absent.
Eldon, Macks Creek, Versailles and Climax Springs officials said numbers show little difference from absenteeism rates prior to the holiday break. Camdenton is starting to see a slight dip in attendance, according to Superintendent Tim Hadfield.
“We have seen an increase in the numbers of students who are ill.  We are seeing some students presenting symptoms of colds and flu.   Some students are also experiencing intestinal illness as well.,” Hadfield said. “Our attendance goal is to have 90 percent of our students attend at least 90 percent of the time we are in session.  Our numbers compared to this metric are running a little lower than normal.  We do believe this is related to student illness.  Some of our buildings are running two to three percent lower than normal right now.
Eldon Superintendent Matt Davis said this week brought a few more students calling in but not a significant number.
Miller County overall is experiencing a spike in flu numbers.
Mike Herbert, Miller County Health Department administrator, said numbers have more than tripled from the same reporting period a year ago.
From October to December 2016, there were 37 cases reported to his office. During that same period in 2017, there were 129 cases. Of that total, 123 were Type A and the rest Type B.
He anticipates the trend will continue, and recommends area residents and schools follow the publicized flu prevention techniques.