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People lead such busy lives these days that even thinking about volunteering can make stress levels rise. But volunteering actually might be just the right medicine for a hectic life.
“Volunteering brings fulfillment and boosts joy,” said Terri Hall, director of Lake Regional Fund Development. “Our Lake Regional volunteers value the meaningful connections they make with each other, our patients and our staff, and they leave their shifts knowing they have made a positive impact in people’s lives.”
According to the Corporation for National and Community Service, people who volunteer live longer — and with less disability and depression — than those who don’t volunteer.
Volunteering also can offer more material benefits.
For example, it gives you the chance to try out a whole new career without having to leave your current job. Are you interested in working in health care? Check out volunteer opportunities at a hospital or a nursing home. You can talk to the people who work there. You can gain some experience in the field. And you’ll have made valuable contacts if you decide to switch careers.
Or maybe you’re wondering if you should go back to school and get a degree in social work. Volunteering at a women’s shelter or at a church working with homeless teens could help you decide if that’s the right career path for you.
“Volunteering doesn’t have to take a long-term commitment or huge amounts of time,” Hall says. “You can make a positive impact and see personal rewards with even a little bit of service to others.”

Volunteering at Lake Regional
The Lake Regional Hospital Auxiliary boasts more than 350 enthusiastic, good-hearted members of all ages. The diverse group includes retirees, active businesspeople and others. Volunteers provide daily support throughout the hospital, from helping patients check in to staffing gift shops. They usually serve in four-hour shifts.
“Volunteering at Lake Regional Health System is a wonderful way to give something back to the community, develop new skills and make new friends,” Hall said. “There is a lot of flexibility to make volunteering here work with busy schedules. I’m also happy to have volunteers help with fundraising.”
To learn more about Lake Regional volunteer opportunities, contact Hall at 573-348-8153 or visit