The recently approved federal tax bill has generated considerable conversation among county tax collectors even though details of the bill are still emerging.

Teresa Murray, Camden County collector, said her office has received a few calls asking if pre-payments on the 2018 tax year can be made on real estate before Jan. 1, 2018, in order to take advantage of new provisions within the bill.

The Camden County collector's office computer system is not set up for accepting next year's pre-payments on the coming year's real estate tax liability, but Murray said pre-payments by check can be made. However, she urged anyone wanting to pre-pay taxes to check with their personal accountant.

"We can accept payments, but we're not offering any legal advice on accepting payments and taxpayers need to check with their accountants to see if this is acceptable," she explained.

A partial payment plan will be in effect after the first of the year, and the collector's office will send out agreements for those participating by the end of January. Payments are typically set up on a quarterly payment plan with the fourth installment being the tax bill received at the end of the year. The collector's office has had partial payment plans in place for six years.

Anyone pre-paying taxes will need to sign an agreement at the time of payment that they are aware of the terms.