Division II Schools participating were Camdenton, Lebanon, Rock Bridge, School of the Osage, Smith-Cotton and Warsaw.

Camdenton results were:

3rd place Overall School in Division II

Thanks to the contributions of 9th graders Reis Bruns, Austin Clay, Halle Coulter, and Haley Hultz; 10th grader Taylor Pierce; 11th graders Vincent Khor, Kaitlyn Medlock, Lucas Mosher; 12th graders Jay Griffin, Alex Murphy, Paxton Poole, Michael Price, Miranda Sauer, Katie Swacil, Hallie Thompson, and Drew Van Hook.

2nd place 9th grader in Division II

Austin Clay

2nd place 11th grader in Division II

Lucas Mosher

3rd place 11th grader in Division II

Vincent Khor

2nd place 12th grader in Division II

Paxton Poole

Algebra 9

1st place, Austin Clay

6th place, Haley Hultz

8th place, Reis Bruns

Geometry 9

2nd place, Austin Clay

5th place, Halle Coulter

Word Problems 9

3rd place, Austin Clay

7th place, Haley Hultz

9th place, Reis Bruns

Manual Computations 9

3rd place, Austin Clay

6th place, Haley Hultz

7th place, Reis Bruns

Algebra 10

4th place, Pierce Taylor

Geometry 10

5th place, Pierce Taylor

Word Problems 10

1st place, Pierce Taylor

Manual Computations 10

10th place, Pierce Taylor

Algebra 11

1st place, Vincent Khor

6th place, Kaitlyn Medlock

Graphing, Grade 11

2nd place, Lucas Mosher

Word Problems 11

1st place, Lucas Mosher

2nd place, Vincent Khor

8th place, Kaitlyn Medlock

Manual Computations 11

5th place, Vincent Khor

9th place, Kaitlyn Medlock

Pre-Calculus, Grade 12

2nd place, Lucas Mosher (11th grader)

6th place, Katie Swacil

Hodge Podge, Open Category

6th place, Jay Griffin

7th place, Michael Price

9th place, Paxton Poole

Word Problems 12

1st place, Paxton Poole

7th place, Jay Griffin

7th place, Miranda Sauer

Math in Science, Open Category

1st place, Paxton Poole

3rd place, Jay Griffin

Calculus, Open Category

2nd place, Paxton Poole

4th place, Miranda Sauer

5th place, Michael Price

Manual Computations 12

3rd place, Miranda Sauer

ACT Questions, 12th grade

6th place, Lucas Mosher

10th place, Miranda Sauer

Statistics and Probability, Open Category

5th place, Katie Swacil

10th place, Hallie Thompson

Team 11

2nd place, Lucas Mosher and Kaitlyn Medlock

Team 12

3rd place, Paxton Poole, Miranda Sauer, Jay Griffin, and Hallie Thompson

Mixed Team

3rd place, Haley Hultz

9th grade page,

3rd place, Austin Clay

10th grade page (Austin is a 9th grader who bumped up to take the 10th grade test),

3rd place, Vincent Khor

11th grade page,

3rd place, Michael Price

12th grade page