October Camdenton School High School STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) Outstanding Students have been announced.

Olivia Kline, Senior

When asked why Olivia Kline should be the student of the month, Mr. Stoelting said, “Just because she is Olivia.” It is hard to describe Olivia in words, as she is someone you just have to have a conversation with and be around in order to get a true appreciation for her talent and charisma.

Olivia is the uncommon student that you only get to experience once every five or 10 years as an educator. In 2016, Olivia applied to the Joint Science Education Project (JSEP) through the Dickey Dartmouth Arctic Research Center. This scientific experience offers five students from the United States, five students from Denmark, and ten students from Greenland the opportunity to participate in hands-on field science based activities.

She was selected as one of the five students from a pool of nearly two hundred applicants, and she was also the first student from the Midwest to participate in the three-week program (see JSEP) this past summer. Olivia made even more waves this summer by scoring a perfect seven on the IB Environmental Science Exam. She is a leader in our nationally recognized Science Research program as she travels to the University of Missouri every Friday to work with the US Department of Agriculture.

In Olivia’s senior year, she continues working towards the IB Diploma and she takes five standard bearing courses: IB French 5, IB History, IB English, AP Chemistry 2, and AP Calculus BC. She has over a 4.5 GPA. Olivia is truly an amazing student and person.

Melissa Stout, Junior

Melissa has shown much growth in the past two seasons with the FIRST LASER 3284 Robotics team. This summer, Melissa went to Washington DC to meet with Senators Blunt and McCaskill along with Representatives Luetkemeyer and Hartzler. While in Washington DC, not only did Melissa have the opportunity to meet with the politicians individually, she spent two days learning about school funding and how to promote STEM courses and activities.

Since then she has implemented these skills to work with coaches in preparation for team presentations at the MO State Fair and at the Ozark Maker Faire. She represents our school and robotics program with enthusiasm and poise. “I receive many compliments from patrons for Melissa's interaction with them,” says Mr. Comer.

Melissa mentored middle school and elementary students involved in robotics, logging more than 150 hours last year as a sophomore. She plans to do the same this year and hopes to be an assistant FLL coach for one of the elementary teams. Melissa is dedicated, responsible, and a tremendous asset to Camdenton High School and the robotics program. “I feel fortunate for the opportunity to work with her throughout the school year,” says Mr. Comer.

Melissa has a strong STEM schedule with five standard bearing courses: AP US History, AP Chemistry 2, AP English Literature, College Biology and IB Math SL1. She is awesome to be around and is a great ambassador for the high school.

Clare Holmes, Sophomore

Clare is a very focused student. “Her work ethic is very good and she learns the very difficult concepts and skills associated with the course very quickly. She helps other students in the class when they have questions; she's a natural leader and an extremely valuable asset to the AP Chemistry team,” says Mr. Buxton.

Mr. Weber agrees and said that Clare is, “ A great kid, great athlete, and great student. She is one of the kids in my class that others look to for help quite often. WOW! Such a good one at CHS.” Clare currently has four standard bearing classes with AP Chemistry, IB Spanish 4, IB Math SL1, and PLTW Principles of Engineering. One of my favorite things about Clare is her level of care and her willingness to work on her craft on her own time. She is determined and committed to be the best at whatever task is placed in front of her.

Haley Hultz, Freshman 

It did not take long for the Camdenton High School staff to start taking note of Haley’s strong work ethic and overall pride in her work. She is as sharp as they come as a freshman. Haley currently has two standard bearing courses in AP World History and PLTW Biomedical Science.

She is also taking other rigorous classes in Spanish 2A, Algebra 2A and Pre AP/IB English. Haley has all A’s with her lowest score, currently, being a 97%. Haley is off to a great start! She is very articulate and takes pride in everything that has her name on it.