The 2017 APRs have been compiled and released, and Macks Creek R-V earned 136 out of 140 possible points to score a 97.1 percent.

Macks Creek R-V School District continues to see high scores in the state’s annual performance reports of Missouri schools.

The 2017 APRs have been compiled and released, and Macks Creek R-V earned 136 out of 140 possible points to score a 97.1 percent. 

According to a press release from Macks Creek, the school has been continuing to make adjustments to fine-tune and improve the educational experience for all students. This ongoing effort is reflected in the district’s APR scores over the last few years, said Superintendent Joshua Phillips, Ed.D.

In 2014, the district received a score of 96.8 percent, a 98.2 percent in 2015 and a 95.7 percent in 2016. 

Missouri school districts are evaluated utilizing the Missouri School Improvement Program (MSIP). MSIP was established as the state’s accountability system for school districts in 1990 and is now in its fifth cycle. Student learning standards are set for each school building as well as each school district forming the basis of the APR. According to the press release, the information learned from the MSIP process informs decision-making for the district’s teachers, administrators and school board.    

Last year the district began a four-year process toward becoming a Model Professional Learning Community (PLC) and have partnered with the Missouri PLC Project.  

“Our goal is to continue to fine-tune and enhance our PLC which was first implemented four years ago,” said Phillips. “This year, with the addition of the Success, Focus, Enrichment (SFE) Model in the high school, the district now has a systematic process for intervention and student success that spans grades K through 12.”

In support of the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education’s goal that all students graduate ready for college and career (CCR), the district is working to preparing all students for proficiency as they graduate from high school, the press release stated. 

A large area of focus continues to be improvement on the ACT and ASVAB tests.

According to data on the state website, Macks Creek scored 100 percent in the categories of academic achievement, subgroup achievement, attendance and graduation rate, but received an 86.7 percent for college and career readiness (CCR). The school earned 56 out of 56 points for academic achievement, 14 of 14 points for subgroup achievement, 26 of 30 points for CCR, 10 of 10 points for attendance and 30 of 30 points for graduation rate.

While academic achievement is primarily tied to the standard test known as MAP, the college and career readiness category is based on student test results on ACT and ASVAB, college and military entrance exams.

Student performance on these assessments is a primary area of the CCR assessment rubric and the scores for all graduating seniors are used to formulate this calculation. This year, the only points that district missed on the APR were in this area.  

Macks Creek had 100 percent participation in taking the ACT with these students having an average composite score of 18.9, according to the state website.

Teachers, counselors and administrators continue to provide tutoring sessions and participate in professional development opportunities to learn how to better prepare students for these assessments, Phillips said.  

For the past three years, every junior in the state of Missouri took the ACT exam whereas prior to the 2015 school year, ACT exams were optional.  

The district also continues to study ways to combat student absenteeism.

“Absenteeism is highly detrimental to academic achievement and the development of successful lifelong habits,” said Phillips. “While the district earned 100 percent of the attendance points in 2017, meeting the MSIP attendance standard of having at least 90 percent of the students present at school at least 90 percent of the time every year is a challenge.”

The district has taken multiple steps to promote good attendance including special incentive field trips for students who are absent no more than three days per quarter. Drawings are held routinely for gift cards or lunch with principals at local restaurants for students with perfect attendance. Parents and guardians are strongly encouraged to decrease absenteeism by making dental and doctor appointments after school or on scheduled days off whenever possible.

“Macks Creek School is grateful to have the support of the entire school community. Making improvements and sustaining student achievement requires the support of all stakeholders in our district.  We are proud of our students and thankful to our patrons for all they do to challenge and encourage our students!” Phillips concluded.

This is part one of a series reviewing how Lake area schools scored in their annual performance reports with the Missouri Department of Elementary & Secondary Education (DESE). This overall score is comprised of scores on performance standards including academic achievement, subgroup achievement, college and career readiness (K-12 districts), attendance rate and graduation rate (K-12 districts).