The Commission has maintained the move shifts liability from county employees and also saves county dollars in the process.

The Camden County Commission defended its decision to outsource payroll services from the Clerk’s Office to ADP during a meeting with other elected officials on Wednesday morning.

Over the last two months, the Commission voted to approve a request for qualifications and subsequent bid on employee payroll services from one of the leading providers in the industry. Separately, the Commission also approved a $16,780 purchase for a related Human Resources software program.

The Clerk’s Office will still handle the services until ADP takes over at the beginning of 2018, according to an emailed letter sent to department heads and real aloud for the record by Presiding Commissioner Greg Hasty.

The Commission has maintained the move shifts liability from county employees and also saves county dollars in the process. According to the October 23, 2017 commissioner meeting minutes, the sales order from ADP contained an estimated annual net investment of $28.064.63 along with a $1,480 total implementation cost. However, ADP’s bid did include several discounts and Hasty stated the total price for a year’s worth of payroll services would be $23,972.87, according to the minutes.

“It has become clear that Camden County must make major changes to the way we do business. The move to outsource payroll will insure that employee’s personal information is protected,” Hasty said. “These changes to our government reflect the current structure and operation of virtually every other 1st Class County in the State of Missouri, as well as any other mid-sized to large business.”

Camden County Sheriff’s Office Jail Administrator Chris Moehle was the only county representative who spoke when Hasty asked if there were any questions from those in attendance.

Moehle said he had one question that he had not yet received a response to in regards to where employees’ personal data would be stored by ADP. Human Resources employee Melissa Peters responded that the data would be stored in Georgia.

Hasty said ADP will be giving training and providing Q/A sessions on the new system which will allow for remote access to timesheets and for administrators to review the portal for any problems with payroll or budget issues.

“Our goal is to examine every aspect of Camden County Government, and fix problems where we see them,” the email/letter stated.

After the meeting was adjourned, the Lake Sun asked Hasty whether or not the transition would cost any current county employees their positions.

“No,” Hasty responded, but added that, “We have eliminated a couple of open positions that haven’t been filled.”

The Lake Sun attempted to reach the Clerk’s Office for a comment in the afternoon, but a response was not provided by the time of publication.