“Don't fall out of your chairs, but both of these actually reduce the amount of money that we have to pay,” Mayor John McNabb said. “I don't know if I've ever seen that happen before.”

Despite construction and communication setbacks along with months of delays to two West US-54 Sidewalk Projects, the City of Camdenton will save approximately $10,000 mostly due to liquidated damages imposed on the contractor.

Last week, Board of Alderman voted to approve two change orders with Hessling Construction, Inc. of Dixon to amend the contract for the final costs of phases one and two of the projects. Both projects were estimated to cost $414,000 with the City responsible for the remaining 20 percent and any overages or unexpected costs.

“Don’t fall out of your chairs, but both of these actually reduce the amount of money that we have to pay,” Mayor John McNabb said. “I don’t know if I’ve ever seen that happen before.”

The original contract was awarded back in February for the amount of $569,225.97 with phase one estimated to cost $289,503.47 and phase two to cost $279,722.50. The City used transportation funds to cover its financial responsibilities on the project.

After 15 days of fines totaling $7,500 for missing the completion deadline, the final payment for phase one came to $280,806.28 with a savings of $8,697.19 while the final payment for phase two came in $1,371.01 less than anticipated. However, the City will still need to make a payment in the future for phase one sodding and seeding to the contractor for a total of $11,494.16 as well as a phase two payment for sodding of $2,761.44.

The original completion date was designated for June 30 before agreeing to a revised date of August 16. During this time period a light signal at Laker Pride Drive and US-54 was accidentally cut during the construction process by Hessling, temporarily preventing left turns onto the highway. Issues also arose when Hessling shut down city streets without first notifying the public works department.

Camdenton officials, along with their sub-contracted engineering firm, Crawford, Murphy & Tilly, then met with Hessling to establish better communications and also notified the company they would be responsible for fixing the light estimated to cost around $8,000.

An additional three days for paved approach work was granted extending the deadline until August 19 with Hessling offering a substantial work completion date of September 11, 2017. The final completion date was apparently September 26, 2017 as Camdenton imposed 15 days of fines, which included weekends.

“With the exception of funds being withheld for seeding, basically the project is complete and has been reviewed by CMT Engineers, MoDOT and City staff,” according to a memo from City Administrator Jeff Hancock.

According to the change order, additional savings were realized by cancelling the installation of an 8-foot signal post and 0.4 cubic yards of base concrete.

“A better solution was found where the existing mast arm post was used to attach the pedestrian push button, thus resulting in the deletion of one 8’ post and the associated concrete foundation with it,” according to the document.