The women all reported that at some point during their relationship or association with Wilson he had via cell phone sent them nude photographs of his genitals, sexually explicit messages and inappropriate videos of himself.

An internal investigation of a deputy by the Camden County Sheriff’s Office for sexual misconduct toward adult women uncovered allegations of molestation and stalking of a teenage girl and ultimately the charge of possession of child pornography.

According to the probable cause statement filed by a Missouri State Technical Assistance Team (STAT) investigator against former deputy Leonard Jerome “Lenny” Wilson, the Camden County Sheriff’s Office initiated an internal investigation into Wilson after receiving complaints from adults females both female civilian and from within the department.

The complaints involved allegations of sexual misconduct by Wilson while both on and off duty. After allegations of possible criminal behavior with a teenage girl, the sheriff’s office requested assistance from STAT. The STAT investigator was assigned to assist the CCSO with the child molestation on July 17, 2017. At least two women reported suspicions that Wilson was having a sexual relationship with a teenage girl.

According to the probable cause statement, one of the adult females reported the name and age of the juvenile female she believed Wilson was having a relationship with.

Upon questioning by the STAT investigator, the woman was unable to provide a “substantive reason” why she thought Wilson and the girl were having a sexual relationship other than that she had heard he had given her a ride home after an incident and she was 15 to 17 years old. The girl in question is actually 16, according to the court document.

The STAT investigator was able to interview most of the adult females involved in the CCSO’s internal investigation who all knew Wilson either through work or from contacts he had with them while he was working.

The women all reported that at some point during their relationship or association with Wilson he had via cell phone sent them nude photographs of his genitals, sexually explicit messages and inappropriate videos of himself. The women had not requested the photos or videos, according to the court document, which were all reportedly sent via the social media platform, Snapchat.

It should be noted that pictures and message on Snapchat are only available a short time before they become inaccessible. In the interview process, the investigator identified another woman who reported similar allegations regarding the teenage girl.

The CCSO had also interviewed the juvenile female in question. She reportedly told them that in June 2017 she was a passenger in a vehicle involved in a pursuit with the Missouri State Highway Patrol and and the Camden County Sheriff’s Department.

In the aftermath of that incident, she told CCSO investigators of inappropriate touching by Wilson after he left the scene with her, supposedly to take her home. The probable cause statement indicates that, based on Camden County reports, this police pursuit occurred around 2 a.m. June 8, 2017 in the area of Merlin and Camelot drives.

The girl told the CCSO that she knew Wilson prior to the pursuit, and that he had sent her photos of himself via Facebook and Snapchat, but nothing inappropriate other than a photo of himself nude from the waist up when he was getting in the shower. She said she blocked him on Facebook and Snapchat, but he allegedly continued to contact her utilizing different user names. She told the CCSO that she did not respond to these messages.

During her interview with the STAT investigator, the girl confirmed the initial allegations and reported additional allegations against Wilson whom she had apparently met during a call for service at the high school, prior to the police pursuit. It was also then that he allegedly got her cell phone number.

According to the court document, she would often see Wilson around Camdenton after meeting him, and he would hug her or want her to hug him.

The girl provided more details regarding the incident following the police pursuit, telling the STAT investigator Wilson’s actions “made her feel really uncomfortable because she had been through things like that when she was a kid.”

The girl said she told Wilson several times to take his hands off of her, but he reportedly continued touching her inappropriately. Wilson allegedly took her cell phone from her, placing it under his leg. The girl said she got out of the car at that point, and Wilson allegedly told her to get back in the car or he would take her to jail.

Wilson reportedly took her to her house, but her parents weren’t home, so he then took her to her boyfriend’s house, reportedly dropping her off down the road and making her walk the remainder of the way. He allegedly touched inappropriately one more time as she exited the patrol car.

After dropping her off, she alleged Wilson texted her, telling her to “come over sometime,” and she responded with a text telling him to leave her alone. She said she began blocking him on everything including Snapchat, but said he continued to contact her using different user names or accounts.

The girl described an escalating situation over social media.

He allegedly began sending her photos via Snapchat including the shower picture, and said he asked her to send photos of herself but she refused. The girl said he did see some photos of her that she had made public on Snapchat. These included some of her shorts or a bathing suit. He allegedly responded with comments like “sexy body” or similar.

Wilson allegedly began sending photos of himself via Snapchat that were sexually explicit, including nude photos below the waist. She described some of the photos in detail.

The girl told the STAT investigator that he began sending these types of photos to her after he had come to see her at place of work in the Lake Ozark area in June 2017. She said she did not know how Wilson knew she was working there since she had not told him.

While he initially said he needed to talk to her about an investigation regarding a graduation party, she said he was not wearing his uniform, though he was driving a patrol car, according to the court document. When they went into a meeting room at her place of work, she reported that he did not talk to her about the investigation, instead allegedly asking about her personal life and touching her inappropriately.

“She said he told her that he missed her and told him (sic) about how he was having a tough time with his wife and how he needed someone to be there for him and how she would be the person to make him feel better,” according to the probable cause statement.

He also reportedly told her that he made a lot of money and had a really nice house that she should come and see. She said she ended the conversation by telling him she needed to leave.

While he had texted her a few times prior to the workplace incident, with nothing inappropriate, this communication changed and ramped up afterwards along with the Snapchat photos, according to the girl. She said he would text her every day and sometimes call her.

Texts allegedly included things like “Good morning beautiful how was your day.”

In mid-summer, Wilson allegedly showed up at her place of work again. She reportedly escaped into a building on the grounds that she was able to lock, and he eventually left after knocking on the window for awhile, the court document states.

In mid-August, the girl said Wilson followed her home from work with him driving a newer model black Mustang. Instead of stopping at her mom’s house in Camdenton, the girl said she kept going, taking a gravel road where she didn’t think Wilson would follow with the low-sitting Mustang. She was in a Ford Taurus. Driving at a high rate of speed, she said she was able to lose him on the back road.

Then finally, the girl said Wilson stopped sending her Snapchat photos around the time she was contacted by the CCSO about their investigation.

Based on the girl’s extensive statements, a search warrant was obtained and Wilson’s two cell phones, a MicroSD card and a tablet were seized as evidence and forensically examined.

The STAT investigator reviewed the files provided from the forensic extraction of data and images from his cell phones and card.

According to the probable cause statement, the only contact between the girl and Wilson found on the two phones occurred on June 8, 2017 during the police pursuit, either prior to or possibly during the pursuit itself. The calls reportedly came from the girl to Wilson. And while Wilson’s devices were Snapchat capable, no Snapchat images or videos were able to be recovered.

It was the MicroSD card, however, where the case turned.

According to the probable cause statement, computer experts were able to forensically extract 18 images of what the STAT investigator called child pornography, images depicting toddlers and pre-pubescent females in sexually-explicit poses and conduct, and 49 images of what is described as “child erotica.” Located on the same card, investigators found 26 images that included Wilson.

Four of the photographs showed Wilson with an adult female and a female child, and 22 were nude self-images of Wilson, the court document states. Eight photos were of male genitals that appeared to be that of a black male.

According to, Wilson has been charged with child pornography. The probable cause statement asks for charges of fourth degree child molestation, possession of child pornography, furnishing pornographic material to a minor and second degree stalking.

Wilson was initially charged solely with child pornography. At press time Wednesday, the case information online was updated to reflect one count of fourth degree child molestation, a Class E felony; one count of furnishing pornographic material to a minor, a Class A misdemeanor; and one count of stalking, a Class A misdemeanor. 

The investigation is ongoing.

After local judges recused themselves from the case, the warrant for Wilson’s arrest awaited a judge’s signature until late in the business day Wednesday, Oct. 25. It was signed just prior to press time with a $75,000 surety bond assigned. It should be noted that Wilson has not yet been arrested and is not in police custody.

Wilson’s Facebook page had been taken down as of Tuesday evening, Oct. 24.Prior to moving to Camdenton, Wilson lived in the Waynesville area.

Wilson was employed by the sheriff’s office from Jan. 24, 2017 through July 15, 2017. He was terminated due to disciplinary reasons unrelated to these charges, according to the sheriff’s office.