The reimbursement funds were paid to the county by the Kaiser Special Road District and the Missouri Department of Natural Resources.

Two weeks after Road and Bridge Administrator Lee Schuman, P.E., warned of an $80,000 shortfall, the Camden County Commission has approved a budget amendment for additional funding.

Schuman said earlier in September that with only $3,000 remaining out of $230,000 budgeted for 2016-2017 in the equipment repair line item, his department would need that additional funding to finish out the year’s scheduled work.

On Wednesday, Presiding Commissioner Greg Hasty and Second District Commissioner Don Williams voted to approve a budget amendment for $110,133.28 worth of reimbursement funds to be transferred into the revenue line item “miscellaneous” within the R&B budget.

That transfer will be parsed out into a $79,246.10 increase to the asphalt maintenance line item for expenses and a $30,787.18 increase for construction equipment repair expenses. The reimbursement funds were paid to the county by the Kaiser Special Road District and the Missouri Department of Natural Resources.

In a telephone interview on Wednesday, Schuman explained that the county and the KSRD entered into an intergovernmental agreement in May to overlay a portion of Black Road, which is partially maintained by Camden County and partially by the Miller County special road district.

“They don’t have a paver or a full-time crew, so they approached us since we would already be out there and had the equipment,” Schuman said. “It worked out really well for everyone. Their travelers are happy, Camden County residents have to drive on that portion too.”

The engineer said the KSRD was able to save significant costs by contracting a governmental agency as opposed to a commercial business to complete the project as county employees are exempt from prevailing wages and built-in overhead costs.

The reimbursement funds cover the cost of material wages, benefits, taxes, time on the machines and the use of Federal Emergency Management Agency rental equipment rates, Schuman said.

“That’ll help out our equipment maintenance budget,” he said. “It’s extra income that wasn’t budgeted into the 2017 budget.”

In 2017, the Road and Bridge Department received a total of $6,724,154 worth of funding, down $163,996.69 from the 2016 budget and $642,530.76 less than Schuman’s 2017 budget proposal had requested.

The department was budgeted $702,314 for material - asphalt “maintenance” after Schuman requested $1,225,000.

Other Budget Amendments

The commission also approve six other budget amendments including four for the Sheriff’s Office. A total of $23,933.52 worth of funds receipted into the L.E.S.T. Fund 10 were approved to be transferred to the Inmate Security Detainee Fund 13 - Inmate Commissary Revenue. These funds consist of $8,049.83 for inmate phone cards, $300 for inmate television, $3,551.11 for inmate medical reimbursements, and $12,032.58 for electronic cigarettes.

Additionally, the sheriff’s office received a $611.69 donation to administer a D.A.R.E. program and $1,600 for security detail reimbursement which both were transferred from revenue to expense line items. The commission also approved a request to transfer $15,000 from the fuel and oil expense line item to the vehicle maintenance line item within the sheriff’s office budget.

The last two budget amendments dealt with the collector’s office and health department, respectively. The collector’s office received approval to decrease the expense line item for attorney fees by $2,865 and increase the line item for tax sale publication for the same amount. The health department received a grant in the amount of $4,981.75 for a telecommunications upgrade program which was transferred from revenue to expense to supplement telephone costs.