In all, Quillen admitted to stealing $17,164.93 from the victim's bank account through the use of fraudulent and forged checks, unauthorized debit card purchases and ATM withdrawals. She also admittedly forged several signatures a total of 57 times on 43 stolen checks taken from the checkbook of the victim.

An Eldon woman is facing multiple forgery charges and a charge of felony stealing after she was taken into custody on a Miller County warrant Wednesday morning by the Eldon Police Department. Quillen turned herself in to the Eldon PD after an investigation by the Missouri State Highway Patrol.

The probable cause statement statement filed against Kellie Ann Quillen, 31, by the investigating state trooper requested charges of one count of felony financial exploitation of a person with a disability, 57 counts of felony forgery, one count of felony stealing and three counts of misdemeanor fraudulent use of a credit device. However, when Quillen was arraigned in Miller County Associate Circuit Court Wednesday, the charges filed included only eight charges of felony forgery and one charge of felony stealing $750 or more.

While the bond amount was set at $225,000 at the time of the issuance of the warrant, a motion for bond reduction made during the Wednesday arraignment hearing was granted, setting bond at $20,000 cash or surety bond with 10 percent cash allowed and special conditions including no contact with the victim or victims. As of the morning of Sept. 14, shows no record of Quillen making bond. Calls to the Miller County Sheriff's Office regarding Quillen's status went unreturned Sept. 13.

According to the probable cause statement filed Sept. 12, Quillen, a home health care provider, is alleged to have stolen money from the checking account of a disabled Miller County resident by unauthorized debit card charges, by stealing checks from the individual's checkbook and forging the victim's signature. The PC statement also alleges that Quillen endorsed checks issued to other health care providers on the account of the disabled residents.

The victim reported Quillen to police on Aug. 23, 2017. After noticing odd debit card purchases and two ATM withdrawals in February 2017, he cancelled his card, but over the summer of 2017, he found that his checking account was overdrawn on several occasion. It was something he had never had a problem with before. Family members reviewed his checking account activity and found "an abnormally large number of checks issued to Kellie Quillen, along with checks issued to other health care providers, endorsed as payable to Quillen."

The court document states that bank records showed 17 sequential checks had been issued to Quillen, which when compared to time records, were not compensation for hours she worked. A search of the man's expended checkbooks revealed those checks along with the stubs had been removed.

According to the victim, Quillen had access to the checkbook because she assisted him with paying bills and payroll for his workers. Three more checks issued in February and May 2017 were also found to have been made out to Quillen with no working hours to account for the money.

In a review of other checks from the account, it was found other checks were issued to other parties who were also home health care providers for the victim. Of these checks to other workers, they were found to have been endorsed on the back with the parties' name and Quillen's signature, indicating the check was payable to Quillen, according to the probable cause statement. The signatures of the other workers on these checks showed differences when compared to other handwriting samples.

During a police interview with Quillen Aug. 31, she admitted to buying personal items using the individual's debit card without permission, and also admitted withdrawing $505 from two ATMs in February 2017 with the use of the victim's card. When confronted about suspicious checks issued from the victim's account, Quillen admitted taking the victim's forging the victim's signature on 20 checks taken without the victim's knowledge and stole a total of $7,338.50 from his bank account.

Starting on June 6, 2017, through Aug. 16, 2017, Quillen admitted to issuing herself nine more checks on the victim's account for a total of $4,289.50.

She also admitted issuing fraudulent checks to another co-worker with the same intention of endorsing and cashing the checks, in an attempt to conceal the amount of checks that were being written to her. She admitted to forging both the disabled man's signature and the signature of the other worker on these checks. With these checks, the court document states Quillen was able to steal $4,869. Through the same system under another worker's name, she stole another $13