A 30-year-old Osage Beach man is out on bond after being charged with first degree rape and second degree sodomy from an incident in August.

A 30-year-old Osage Beach man is out on bond after being charged with first degree rape and second degree sodomy from an incident in August.

The warrant for Troy C. Perry’s arrest was served Aug. 21 after being issued Aug. 18. On Aug. 13, the female victim reported to the Osage Beach Police Department an incident that occurred in Osage Beach Aug. 8-9 after a night of friends partying on the Lake of the Ozarks.

According to the probable cause statement filed by an OBPD investigator against Perry, the female victim told police it started when Perry attempted to kiss her while on a boat docked at a lakefront bar in Osage Beach the night of Aug. 8-9. She said she rejected him by covering her mouth and saying no.

The boat left the bar and traveled to a third party’s residence nearby, also in Osage Beach.

At the residence, the woman said she and Perry went into a bedroom to smoke marijuana together, but while in the bedroom she said he became aggressive, allegedly pulling off her shorts and swim bottoms and digitally assaulting her.

The woman said she told Perry to stop, that he was hurting her. Perry then reportedly suggested he perform other types of sex acts, so the woman said she kneed him in the head to get him to stop and leave the room.

According to the woman’s account, Perry apparently left the bedroom and subsequently another woman came into the room, telling the victim that Perry was in the living area of the house telling her and the male resident how much he wanted to have sex with the victim.

Later, the victim told police Perry came back into the bedroom wearing only underwear when she was almost asleep. He reportedly took off her shorts and swim bottoms and placed his hand into her vagina, the court document states. She said she told him to stop again. Instead she told police he continued, raping her while holding her down by her arms.

The victim said she got dressed quickly and left the room afterwards, requesting a cab to leave the residence.

On Aug. 9, the victim said she got texts from Perry asking to talk. She declined to talk.

A conversation apparently via text message took place. Perry apologized for being too aggressive and told her he respected her, the court document states. She responded to him, saying “if you ‘respected’ me, you would have stopped when I told you to stop.” To this Perry replied, “You’re right and I fell (sic) terrible for that.” She responded, “u left bruises on me.”

A “SAFE” exam done on the victim indicated bruises on the woman’s arms consistent with her statement. SAFE stands for Sexual Assault Forensic Examination.

The female witness who talked to the victim in the bedroom that night was interviewed by police. She told investigators that everyone was intoxicated that night. According to the witness, Perry is known to be sexually aggressive and that she once had to kick him in the chest to get him to stop from trying to kiss her. The female witness also said she had never known the victim to be a liar.

According to the probable cause statement, Perry “hid out” from law enforcement and did not return phone calls during the investigation.

After Perry was tracked down, he refused to speak to police by evoking his 5th Amendment rights, the court document states. The 5th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution prohibits compelling someone to be a witness against himself in any criminal case.

Perry was subsequently charged with first degree rape, an unclassified felony, and second degree sodomy, a Class D felony.

According to the probable cause statement, Perry has a history of driving while intoxicated and resisting arrest. The document also states that Perry has the ability to leave the country to go to Thailand.

Bond was initially set at $400,000 surety. On Aug. 23, bond was modified to $400,000 surety or $20,000 cash with OCCS to supervise bond with original conditions that included GPS monitoring.

A preliminary hearing has been set for Oct. 11. Perry was able to post the cash bond in the full amount on Sept. 1.