As of Sept. 11, 2017, Hessling stands to be fined no less than $12,500 for missing the deadline by at least 25 days.

The construction company contracted for the East Highway 54 Sidewalk TAPS project will face a fine from the City of Camdenton when it wraps up work, hopefully sometime this month, according to Camdenton officials.

Hessling Construction, based in Dexter, Mo., was contracted by the city last February after accepting a low bid of $569,225.97. An initial deadline of June 30, 2017 was extended to Aug. 16, 2017, but the city has decided to start fining Hessling for liquidated damages for not finishing the project at the agreed-to time.

According to City Administrator Jeff Hancock, the relationship between the two parties has improved since officials expressed displeasure in August regarding the project timeline and closing of streets without city hall approval.

Camdenton has also charged Hessling $8,000 for the repair of a power line cut during construction at Laker Pride Drive and U.S. 54 that caused minor traffic issues for over a month as cars were not able to turn left on U.S. 54 from Laker Pride Drive.

“The contractor is now over the time limit of August 16 and liquidated damages should commence,” Hancock wrote in a staff memo.

Hancock noted the most recent correspondence with Hessling indicated Grant Ave. and Illinois St. would be completed the first week of September along with all the sidewalk to the end of the project. Circle Court and three approaches plus seeding, sodding, and installation of poles and sign for the project also need to be completed.

The construction company supposedly gave the city a new deadline of Sept. 8. The contract calls for damages of $500 per day for not meeting the timeframe, which includes weekends. As of Sept. 11, 2017, Hessling stands to be fined no less than $12,500 for missing the deadline by at least 25 days.

“They’re fairly close. They still have to cross Court Circle and then it’ll just be landscaping,” Public Works Director Bill Jeffries said. “Their projection was the 8th, probably closer to the end of the month.”

Sidewalk upgrades to west and east US 54 are funded through an 80/20 matching Transportation Alternative Program Grant administered by the Missouri Department of Transportation. A total of 80 percent of the estimate submitted with the grant application will be reimbursed to the City of Camdenton through MoDOT, according to Hancock.

Prior to the September discussion, the board of aldermen had approved two amended requests from Crawford, Murphy & Tilly, Inc., the sub-contractor for the project, for the payment of approximately $22,000 for inspection services already completed, bringing the total contribution to roughly $177,000.

Camdenton plans to use some of the fine money they intend to charge Hessling Construction to pay for additional scoping and inspection services from CMT as the project wraps up this month.