According to the probable cause statement, dated on May 7, 2017, the investigation was conducted from June 17, 2016 until July 6, 2016, but it's unclear why charges were filed over a year after the investigation seemingly concluded.

After a year-long investigation by the Camden County Sheriff’s Office, a 49-year-old Camdenton man has been charged with a single count of first degree statutory sodomy for deviate sexual intercourse with a person less than 14-years-old.

A warrant for the arrest of Joseph Fredrick Tonnies was issued on August 4 and served on August 16, 2017, according to CaseNet.Com. The unclassified felony charge stems from an alleged incident that occurred on June 12, 2016. Tonnies has posted a $30,000 cash bond and awaits an arraignment hearing scheduled for September 19, 2017 under Circuit Judge Aaron Koeppen.

According to the probable cause statement, dated on May 7, 2017, the investigation was conducted from June 17, 2016 until July 6, 2016, but it’s unclear why charges were filed over a year after the investigation seemingly concluded.

The Department of Social Services Children’s Division Hotline received a call from a redacted source on June 17 stating that an underage minor victim had disclosed to her that Tonnies had allegedly touched her inappropriately The source was identified as the biologic mother of the victim and described as the “paramour of Joseph Fredrick Tonnies at that time.”

Two days after the initial call to DSSCD, an anonymous female caller, who stated she was a friend of Tonnies, told investigators that “Tonnie had confided in the call and admitted that he watched (victim) and her friend (redacted) undress.”

The caller stated Tonnies also allegedly admitted to getting into a hot tub with the girls while he was naked and later fell asleep in bed with them before going to his room to watch pornagraphic material on his phone, which the victim reported hearing, according to the court document.

On June 21, 2017, a forensic interview was conducted with the victim at Kid’s Harbor Advocacy Center in Osage Beach. During this interview, according to the probable cause statement, the victim disclosed that she and her friend had asked the biological mother if they could spend the night with “Joe.” The victim told investigators that once at the residence the three got into the hot tub together.

After the hot tub, the underage girls reportedly put on a “fashion show,” trying on new clothing the victim had received for her birthday”, while Tonnies played music through his phone into speakers connected via Bluetooth technology.

The victim said afterwards, the two fell asleep on a bed with Tonnies in the middle of them, but awoke when Tonnies allegedly put his hands under her shorts and sexually assaulted her before going up to his room. The victim stated she heard noises coming over the speaker and when she asked him the following day, he allegedly told her he was playing a cell phone game called “Clash of Clans.”

After this interview was conducted, the investigator received a phone call from the biological mother who stated that after leaving the interview, the victim told her she had not disclosed everything, because she was embarrassed.

The victim added that Tonnies was allegedly naked while in the hot tub and sleeping in between the two minor girls.

On June 23, 2016, another forensic interview was conducted at Kid’s Harbor, but the victim did not make any disclosures at the time. Two days later, investigators received an email statement from the biological mother who wrote that she confronted Tonnies about the allegations made and he admitted to being in the hot tub without a bathing suit on with the girls and the victim did not have a suit on because she didn’t bring one, according to the court document.

Tonnies allegedly admitted that he had failed asleep with the girls but had shorts on and the source stated she believed he has an addiction to pornographic material after confronting him of the alleged sounds heard over the speakers in the residence by the victim.

On July 12, 2016, investigators received another email who stated that Tonnies had taken photographs of her naked and sleeping, without her consent, with his cell phone. According to the document, Tonnies shares an iTunes account with his teenage daughter and the photographs ended up on her phone. This was learned after speaking with Tonnies’ ex-wife, the investigator wrote.

The Camden County Sheriff’s Office conducted a search warrant for Tonnies and his property on July 7, 2016. Tonnies waived his Miranda Rights, according to the detectives, and told investigators that the girls had requested to spend the night and he did enter the hot tub without any clothing on as he always does. He also said the victim did not have a swimsuit and entered the hot tub naked.

Tonnies allegedly told police after the hot tub, he took a shower, put on shorts and began playing music at some point while the girls began modeling clothing received from a birthday. He said he woke up in the middle of the girls and went upstairs where he began watching pornography on his cell phone, forgetting it was still attached the Bluetooth speakers.

The probable cause statement concluded that Tonnies denied touching the victim or her friend that evening.