Osage Beach aldermen will be revisiting a June 29 split decision to buy a new jet fuel truck for Lee C. Fine Airport.

Osage Beach aldermen will be revisiting a June 29 split decision to buy a new jet fuel truck for Lee C. Fine Airport.

Mayor John Olivarri cast the deciding favorable vote last month to buy the new truck after aldermen voted 3-3, with the dissenting side wondering if a used truck might be money better spent. Cost of a new truck is $171,645.

During the portion of the July 6 regular meeting set aside for board comment, Alderman Phyllis Marose said she felt the issue needed to be reconsidered and asked for the procedural assistance of City Attorney Ed Rucker.

"I feel that with some research we can find one that's used and less expensive," Marose said.

Rucker said that a previous decision can be reconsidered if there is a motion made by an alderman from the prevailing side of the vote. The item could not be considered last week because it was not part of the published agenda. Since Marose was among those voting in favor of buying a new jet fuel truck, she offered a motion to place the item on the next (July 20) regular meeting agenda. Her motion was seconded by Alderman Jeff Bethurem and approved 5-1 with Alderman Kevin Rucker voting against the motion to reconsider.

Mayor Olivarri suggested that Marose and others with questions meet with City Administrator Jeana Woods and city staff before the next meeting to share their concerns.

Airport Manager Ty Dinsdale originally requested and received authorization on the mayor's tie-breaking vote to buy a non-modular fuel pump truck from Garsite Aviation Refueling Equipment of Kansas City, Kan. The current 1989 truck was purchased used by the city in 2000. After several minutes of discussion about buying new equipment vs. used equipment, and if there truly was a need for a new replacement truck, aldermen voted 3-3 on a motion to buy new.

Voting in favor of a new truck were Aldermen Phyllis Marose, Greg Massey and Kevin Rucker. Opposed were Richard Ross, Jeff Bethurem and Tom Walker.

Saying he has the current truck and that it's time the truck be replaced, Mayor Olivarri voted in favor at the June 29 meeting.

The Airport Department had budgeted the item for the current fiscal year with purchase through a lease-purchase process. In a related decision, aldermen authorized the mayor to contract with Central Bank of Lake of the Ozarks to provide lease purchase of the truck.

Three bids were received with Central Bank offering the best terms at 2.39 percent over five years. Other bids were 2.66 percent from U.S. Bank for three years and 2.89 percent over five years.

Ameren request tabled

Aldermen tabled a decision on finalizing a contract with Union Electrict Company/dba Ameren UE, for street light electric service.

The request was for a 20-year contract at a cost of $72,000 rather than the current 10-year contract.

Alderman Bethurem asked if the contract called for the use of LED bulbs when current high pressure sodium lights expire. Aldermen were also confused about if the city or Ameren would be responsible for replacement of the light bulbs, which light fixtures were included in the contract and what Ameren's long-term plan is for bulb and and pole maintenance.

City staff will contact Ameren for clarification of the contract.