I think we are going to change things up this week and instead of the usual format we are going to do a Pot Luck. Normally, I try to pick one subject to devote the full article to, but this week I have several so let’s have an abbreviated discussion on each.
This past Monday I traveled to a small town on I-70 just outside of Kansas City, Mayview. This was a town I was familiar with as my oldest brother was the pastor for the United Church of Christ there in the early 1990s. This trip, however, was not to visit his old church, the trip was to pay respects to a firefighter who lost his life on a call last week. The services were held in a town just west at the local high school, a town where another brother of mine had served as a firefighter and a board member of the Fire District, Odessa. Sadly it was only a few short years ago, 2009, that I attended a funeral service at the same high school for a firefighter from that department. The losses these two communities have suffered are devastating; please keep them in your thoughts as they work to recover.
A year from this week, the Lake of the Ozarks will be hosting the 2018 Canadian American Police and Fire Games. The bidding and planning process for this has been going on for almost five years now, so this last year will undoubtedly go by in a blink. We are still in need of sponsors to make these games a success, and all profits from the event will be going to Special Olympics Missouri. Please contact us at canamgames@funlake.com for more information on partnering with us.
Fourth of July is just around the corner and with it comes the dangers associated with fireworks. Please make sure if you choose to use personal fireworks that you do so safely. Here are some brief safety reminders:
• Know the local laws and how they pertain to the area you are in.
• Children should never use fireworks unattended.
• Alcohol and fireworks do not mix.
• Sparklers burn at 1,200 degrees, please use with extreme caution.
• Never approach or try to relight a “dud”, wait 20 minutes then soak in a bucket of water.
• Never point a lit firework at another person.
• Make sure the area is clear of combustible items and vegetation.
• Have a hose on hand.
• Follow ALL manufacturer’s instructions.

A safer option is always to attend a public show put on by licensed professionals. At the Lake of the Ozarks we are lucky to have numerous shows around the area for viewing.
For more information on these shows dates and locations visit www.funlake.com/independence-day-fireworks-full-list.