The City of Camdenton’s Blair Well, used to provide approximately 50 percent of the municipal water supply, needs a new motor after it shorted out about two weeks ago.
According to a memo from Public Works Director Bill Jeffries, on June 10, 2017, he received an alarm call from the well controls indicating a communications failure at the Rodeo Well. Later that night, Jeffries received a call from Camdenton Police Department reporting that the water tower on Lakeview was overflowing.
Jeffries wrote in the memo that he went to the tower to verify and then to the well master controls to correct the problem. Once he arrived at the Rodeo Well, he found the main breakers had thrown and when he attempted to start the well the main breakers continued to be set off.
“I shut everything down,” according to the memo. “The well being down is considered an emergency.”
The City is currently using its other two primary wells, the Hickory and Blair wells, until a new motor and airline can be installed. Jeffries reported to the Board of Alderman on Tuesday that the pump was pulled that day and appeared to be okay, but he was sending it to Springfield to be tested.
“We really need to get this done,” he said.
Jeffries requested Board of Aldermen approval for $22,000 for the purchase of a new motor and airline, as well as the reinstallation of the pump which was confirmed to be still working. The Aldermen approved the purchase and Jeffries hopes to have the well back online within the next week or so.
City, Planning and Zoning working on zoning updates and new sign ordinance
The City of Camdenton is working with RDG Planning & Design, the same consulting firm who coordinated the Destination Camdenton master plan rewrite, to update some zoning ordinances as well a new sign ordinance.
The Planning and Zoning Commission met with City officials on June 13 to discuss to agreements with RDG for proposed updates and the new sign ordinance and will meet again on July 11 for an additional work session.
Some of the items and recommendations proposed by RDG in August and reviewed again recently include amending the R-1 district to allow for more diverse housing choices, amend lot widths and density standards, creation of a Planned Unit Development ordinance, updating of the landscaping and buffer standards and to create a site plan review process.
According to the first agreement, phase 3 work by RDG, would include meeting with developers to discuss the use and intent of the PUD ordinance, draft ordinance sections previously identified, and provide staff with guidance toward implementation. RDG has proposed monthly billing with total compensation not to exceed $7,500 without written consent. The proposal is for six months of work.
According to the second agreement, phase 4 work by RDG, would include creating a Gateway Corridor Overlay district including provisions for landscaping, parking, screening and signage, modify existing commercial district standards for mixed-use and permitted uses, and provide guidance for adoption and implementation. RDG has proposed the same cost and timeframe for this project.
Possible approval of the ordinance changes could happen at the board of alderman meeting scheduled for July 18 if the P&Z Commission recommends proceeding after their July 11 work session.
No meeting week of July 4
The City of Camdenton approved the cancellation of the July 4 Board of Alderman regularly scheduled meeting due to the holiday occurring on the same day. The Board agreed to pre-pay invoices for the month and did not have anything else scheduled on the agenda. The City will meet again in regular session on July 18.