Lake Ozark aldermen to consider golf cart issue on city streets, approve upgrade to failed sewer lift station.

The city of Lake Ozark received a pat on the back Tuesday night for its involvement in helping solve a parking problem on The Strip.

Mike Page, a member of the Bagnell Dam Strip Association and business owner, thanked the board and city officials during the regular board of aldermen meeting for their "tremendous effort" in helping add as many as 100 new on- and off-street parking spaces.

The lack of parking issue became apparent about two years ago as the business climate on The Strip improved and as traffic increased accordingly. A coalition of business and property owners - including city officials -- gathered at Old Time Photo for several months to find a solution.

"The city said let's see what we can do about the problem," Page recalled.

So, the city and business leadership found ways to expand street-front parking by removing some physical barriers including an agreement with Iguana to open 32 previously-blocked parking spaces near Two-Bit Town at the top of The Strip. The city demolished an abandoned off-street police station that added several parking spaces, and several businesses opened off-street parking.

"Since each parking spot turns over several times a day, several hundred people on a busy day have access to restaurants and shopping," Page noted. "Again, thank you. We appreciate your effort and we look forward to working with you to find ways to make our downtown convenient for not only visitors but local residents."

Golf carts

Problems with the illegal use of golf carts on city streets has prompted Police Chief Gary Launderville to involve the board of aldermen. He hopes the city can come to some type of consensus on how to address the problem.

LOPD officers have issued several warnings in recent weeks based on the city's current ordinance, but the LOPD "continues to get negative feedback for doing its job when it comes to golf carts," Launderville said.

Officers are seeing more "joy riders" and Launderville hopes the board can help resolve the problem.

"The officers feel they are under fire for enforcing the current city codes and it's not fair to them for doing their job and then taking heat over it," Launderville said in a memo to the board.

Chamber thank you

The Lake Area Chamber of Commerce also reached out to the city and the Lake Ozark Police Department for its involvement in making the Magic Dragon Street Meet Nationals another success.

While the number of vehicles was down slightly, spectator numbers were up.

Burt Westbrook, chairman of the event, thanked the city and especially the LOPD for their help and support. As a result, the Chamber presented a $1,000 check to the LOPD. 

Lift station

Aldermen voted to spend $67,109 to upgrade a sanitary sewer lift station that failed last fall.

Public Works Director Matt Michalik told the board that delays in the State Revolving Fund sewer improvement project continue, but recent and past equipment failures require the city to "pull the trigger now" and repair the problems rather than wait on the SRF.

It will take city employees several months to complete the project, and staff has installed a temporary pump at the school lift station to keep it operational.