A Stover man has been charged with making a terrorist threat, but the situation may not be what you think.
According to the probable cause statement, Michael David Shields, Jr., 47, was charged with a Class D Felony of making a terrorist threat in the first degree after allegedly making a threat intended to frighten 10 or more people on April 25 at the Golden Acres Apartments in Stover. The apartment complex houses more than 10 people. Shields is also charged with the Class B misdemeanor of sexual misconduct in the first degree.
The Stover Police Department was called to speak to an irate man recognized as Shields banging on the door of one of the apartments at Golden Acres. According to the statement, police had prior experience dealing with Shields, and were aware of his place of residence. While heading to Golden Acres, police received a followup call that Shields had yelled he “had a gun for everyone.”
The officer responding to the call went to Shields’ apartment and saw him walking towards the door. The officer told Shields to stop, but Shields didn’t listen and continued to his front door, the court document states. The officer repeated his command, but Shields unlocked his door and began to enter the residence at which time the officer ran to Shields and handcuffed his left arm. Shields attempted to strike the officer, according to the probable cause statement, but was placed on the ground and continued to struggle. The officer handcuffed Shields’ left arm and patted him down.
A small amount of marijuana was found, and the officer noted Shields smelled of intoxicants. Shields was then transported to the Morgan County Jail.
According to witness statements, Shields had indecently exposed himself to two women. The witnesses also verified the threat that Shields had made. Shields’ girlfriend told officers that he had been off of his medication for three days and drunk every day, and that she had been attempting to get him to treatment for a month. She said she had been unable to get him in anywhere. The responding officer also noted that he had previously told Shields to seek treatment. Other than a few trips to the hospital after which the officer said Shields continued to have problems, the officer was unaware of any attempts by Shield to seek treatment.