As he fled, one of the witnesses said she could see a small wooden cross hanging from the rearview mirror by a string.

A small wooden cross helped lead police to an arrest in an armed robbery at a residence near Camdenton Tuesday. 

While the man who held two women and several children at knifepoint at a residence on Claremont Ridge Road had his face partially covered, witnesses were able to give a description of the young male as well as noticing a small wooden cross hanging from rearview mirror of the car he was driving, according to the probable cause statement filed against Joshua N. Seevers.

The 24-year-old Camdenton man is being held at the Camden County Detention Center on a $50,000 bond, charged with first degree robbery, armed criminal action, first degree burglary and unlawful use of a weapon.

He has past convictions for two counts of burglary and one count of theft.

On the morning of May 9, a man - late identified as Seevers - allegedly pulled up to the Camdenton area house in a dark-colored car as a woman and several children were outside. 

Dressed in dark clothing, including a hoodie and stocking hat with his face partially covered with a dark bandana, the man got out of the car and pulled a knife out with his left hand, demanding all of her money, according to the woman’s statement to a Camden County detective. She took the man to her car and produced her wallet, but there was no money in it.

The woman said she him it wasn’t her house and he should leave, but the man asked whose house it was and who else was there. She told him whose house it was and that two women were inside. He then made her take him inside through the garage and into the office, according to her account. 

He demanded money from the women inside, pointing the knife at them. One of the women - Tina Marie Griffin, later telling her story in a Facebook video - tried to grab the knife from the man. When she did that, the man pushed her back and she fell down stairs.

During the scuffle, one of the people inside ran out the door and fled in her car, the court document states. Another of the intended victims had her son walk in at which she grabbed him and ran outside back to her car for her call phone to call 911. 

Finally, the man ran outside and took her cell phone her then got into his car and fled. One of the women ran outside after him, getting in her own vehicle trying to catch him.

As he fled, one of the witnesses said she could see a small wooden cross hanging from the rearview mirror by a string.

Deputies arrived on scene around 10:35 a.m. and took statements. Their descriptions of the man all matched - thin, young white male with blue eyes and freckles.

No one was injured in the incident.

The Camden County Sheriff’s Office issued a public notification regarding the suspect.

Around 3:45 p.m. the next day, May 10, a traffic stop was made involving a car matching the descriptions from the robbery. The detective on the case was called to the scene and observed a dark grey-colored car with a small wooden cross hanging by a string from the rearview mirror. 

The driver, Joshua Seevers, matched the description of a thin, white male with blue eyes and freckles.

Informed by the detective that his car and physical description match a suspect from a robbery the previous day, Seevers wanted to know why police were picking on him, but did not deny involvement in a robbery, according to the probable cause statement.

After Seevers consented to a search of his vehicle, a dark-colored hoodie was found in the backseat. Seevers was placed under arrest.

Later that day, all three main witnesses came to the sheriff’s office and viewed photographs of the car and line-up that included Seevers. All three picked Seevers’ photo out from the line-up “with certainty.” One also identified the hoodie in the car as the same hoodie the male was wearing at the time of the robbery. 

Brought into the interview and read his Miranda rights, Seevers stated he understood his rights and would answer questions with his lawyer present. The interview as concluded and no questions were asked.