As of May 4, there was no official 'no wake restriction' planned for the weekend on Lake of the Ozarks, according to Sgt. Scott White of the Missouri State Highway Patrol. If that changes due to evolving circumstances, an announcement will be made, he added.

 While deluges on Saturday and Wednesday flooded numerous county roads and some highways in the tri-county area at different times this week, flooding along the lakeshore was limited though dock damage in many places is likely.

After historic rains inundated much of Missouri this week, the Lake of the Ozarks water level was hovering around 659’ Thursday. The lake level crested at 661.3’ April 30.

As of May 4, there was no official ‘no wake restriction’ planned for the weekend on Lake of the Ozarks, according to Sgt. Scott White of the Missouri State Highway Patrol. If that changes due to evolving circumstances, an announcement will be made, he added.

But as boaters gear up for the Spring Harbor Hop and just a warmer and drier weekend generally, the MSHP Water Division is encouraging all boaters to think about limiting wakes and subsequent damage in accordance with the patrol’s wake courtesy campaign.

“Boats capable of producing a large wake should be aware of the wake they are creating near docks, particularly once they’ve entered cove locations,” said White. “Additionally, because of the higher water levels this past week, boaters need to be aware of logs, downed trees or other debris in the lake that could damage their boat, props or even cause injury.”

In addition to the Spring Harbor Hop, Magic Dragon Street Meet Nationals is scheduled for this weekend - Friday, May 5 to Sunday, May 7 - on the Bagnell Dam Strip in Lake Ozark. The event will still be held, but planners have had to make some accommodations as a result of flooding.

Event spectator parking at the Iguana Campground below the dam is no longer available due to the flooding.  Available spectator parking locations will include:

•Mt. Carmel Baptist Church

•Lake Ozark Christian Church

•Christ the King Lutheran Church

•The large gravel lot at the corner of Route HH and Business 54.

Complimentary shuttle service is available from Mt. Carmel Baptist Church and the HH lot to the event location on Saturday. Some spectator parking is available for a small fee. 

The RC Track scheduled to be at the Off-Road Zone at Edgewater will now be located inside of the Pit Stop at Two-Bit Town.

The Lake area was not as hard hit as some other areas of the state, but had a good share of damage off the lake.

One home in the Roach area of Camden County was considered a total loss after a tree fell on it in high wind over the weekend followed by significant water saturation of the ground.

While the Camden County Sheriff’s Office said impassable roadways during Wednesday flooding were too numerous to count - most notably in the Stoutland and Climax Springs areas - preliminary estimates for flood damage incurred on Camden County roads and bridges this week were relatively good compared to previous years’ major flooding events.

Road and Bridge Administrator Lee Schuman, P.E., estimated the county maintained about 90 percent of its base rock, and most of the damage occurred in and around low-water crossings throughout rural portions of the county. Schuman said crews will soon begin to replace washed-out gravel from around these low-water crossings.

Schuman estimated at least $200,000 worth of damage to roads and bridges, but said that number could increase as more sites are identified over the next week or so. Water levels are still too high in some locations for inspections and repairs. The following roads are anticipated to be closed until Tuesday evening, May 9, at which point they will be inspected by the department.

• Whistle Road at the Niangua River

• High Point Road at the Dry Auglaize Creek

•Tunnel Dam Road at the Little Niangua River

• Garrison Road at the Dry Auglaize Creek

• Bannister Hollow Road at the Little Niangua River

• Franklin Road at the Dry Auglaize Creek

• Greens Ford Road at the Little Niangua River

• Carroll Cave Road at the Wet Glaize Creek

• Camden Line Road at the Dry Auglaize Creek

One particular problem area is in Richland where a triple box culvert has been washed out twice this week. Schuman said as crews were clearing debris earlier in the week and fixing the culvert, it was washed out again during the latest round of storms Wednesday.

Using Orion Software Damage technology, Schuman said he is able to take pictures of the damage which then syncs to a database of information of FEMA forms to be printed out and submitted. Schuman said he is working in conjunction with Ron Gentry, Camden County Emergency Management administrator, using the same software to gather preliminary damage estimates.

In Morgan County, Emergency Management Director Rick Bias estimated at least $74,000 in damages to roadways after flooding at locations including Leatherman Lane, Seals Road, Coffey Drive, Red Hollow Road and Camellia Road in southern Morgan County as well as the low water bridge on Highway BB east of Highway 135 in the northern part of the county.

According to Miller County Emergency Management Director Barlow Biggers, contacted earlier this week, they were still working on bringing together damage estimates as flood waters had yet to recede in many spots. Flash flooding did wash out the edges of several bridges, and there appears to be more debris in the Osage River than during previous floods, jamming against bridges and causing washouts and damage.