The City of Sunrise Beach held their Board of Trustees meeting on Monday, April 10. Here are a few things to know:

1. Annexed, Replatted and Rezoned

A new business that has opened on the old Country Corner location received approval to be annexed into the city. During a public hearing held before the board meeting, the board received no objections to the action and approved the annexation of the property into city limits.

They also approved the joining of four plats into one, simplifying the property lines and rezoning it to a business lot. The owners, Brandon and Misty Cunningham, requested the annexation for city amenities. Their business, LOTO Inc., sells recreational items such as travel-trailers, high-end grills, fishing supplies and hot tubs. The board informed the Cunninghams that if nobody sent in a written objection within 14 days, their annexation would be final.

2. Road Vacation

K&B Adventures, Inc. petitioned the board for vacation of a road located on their property within the Osage Bridge subdivision. The road, originally platted in 1938 but never actually constructed, is barring legal use of the land in any form. Kent and Tricia Morris, K&B owners, told the board they wish to vacate the plat for future sales value.

City Assistant Attorney Zane Williams told the board he believes that it’s up to Camden County to approve the vacation, and the city must then approve it. Tricia Morris stated that they had approached the County first, and the county told them it was the other way around.

“We want to do everything the proper way,” said Kent Morris. “If it has to go through the county first, we’ll do that.”

The board agreed to table the issue until the next meeting, pending legal review of the state statutes.

3. Water Infrastructure

The ongoing water system project has been approved to enter Phase 3, with the board approving payment to the contractors to continue development. The lines have been laid through Beach Drive, and the contractors are now working on Cliff Drive.

Some complaints had been voiced by residents about debris on the road, but Trustee Debbie Stoller said that the recent rains had helped to clear much of it. The contractors had been informed about the issue, and said they would look into getting a sweeper after the mess.

The project also received the last two signatures needed for the easements on Quick Drive, and the city will be able to construct water infrastructure there in a future phase.