Editor’s Note: This letter is in response to the letter, “Real legal reasons behind county’s Sunshine attorney,” from Bill Pragman published April 7 in the Lake Sun. Pragman’s letter was a response to a previous letter from Hank Zieman, “Why is the commission hiring an outside attorney for Sunshine law requests?” published April 4 in the Lake Sun.


Well, I was doing my cup of coffee this morning and reading your comments.

Your questions and comments are good and do make a valid point.

I can assure you, no county employee or elected official can tell me what to write. We can all surmise why the county has had to do what they did, but you and I are only surmising! I strongly believe the rudder of the county is in the hands of Greg, Bev and now Don. NO ONE ELSE!

Those 3 people know why they did what they did! You suggesting why it was done is the same as me and Joe talking over coffee.

As I step back to my 5000 foot level, I see this issue as the citizens all in a room with blindfolds on, and only 3 people in the room, are not blindfolded. Someone walks in with an elephant , and we all get to touch it and decide what it is. Yet only 3 people in the room, Greg, Bev and Don know what it is! No Blindfolds!

That I believe pretty well sums up to me what is going on! Greg, Bev and Don know why they are not using a Camden county Lawyer to do this! We as citizens, really are just on the outside discussing it.

It is my hope your reason for this being done is accurate! And the same question,” has an elected official shared what is going on with you?” If so, I would appreciate you writing more in the Lake Sun!