There were no written or oral objections during a public hearing on a request by Passover Properties, LLC, to annex property between Hatchery Road and Passover Road into the city limits.

The city of Osage Beach has set in motion the possible development of more than 60 acres of property just off Osage Beach Parkway.

There were no written or oral objections during a public hearing on a request by Passover Properties, LLC, to annex property between Hatchery Road and Passover Road into the city limits. The land is approximately southeast of the Osage Beach City Park and south of the Expressway.

The board then approved first reading of an ordinance annexing the property. Second reading will be held April 20.

The board then held a public hearing on rezoning the property from A-1 Agriculture to C-1 Commercial, and then first reading of an ordinance that changes the zoning after there were no objections at the hearing. Second and final reading will be held April 20.

In a related issue, the board held a public hearing at the request of Steeple Keys, LLC, to rezone a small parcel of land adjacent to the larger piece of property from R-1 Single Family to C-1 Commercial.

The board also held first reading of an ordinance that rezones the land from A-1 Agriculture to C-1 General Commercial after a public hearing at which there were no objections. The Steeple Keys property abuts Passover Road near the Passover Interchange with the Expressway.

Passover Properties is under contract to buy the Steeple Keys property.

Second reading of the annexation and rezoning will be held at the April 20 meeting.

According to the petition for rezoning, the property is being rezoned as part of a comprehensive plan for redevelopment the area.

"We're excited about the project," a spokesman for the developer commented. "This is our first step in moving forward."

Developers have not indicated the type of commercial/retail businesses that are planned. 

Old School rezoning

Aldermen approved first reading of an ordinance rezoning 4.58 acres of land where the vacant Osage Beach elementary school is located on Osage Beach Parkway from R-1 residential to C-1 Commercial. There were no objections at a public hearing held on the rezoning request.

The change was needed so new owners Old School Investment, LLC, can remodel a portion of the 34,000-square foot building.

The building was recently purchased from the Camdenton School District. Rhonda Bohrn, long-time local resident, is the managing member of the company. The CSD put the building up for sale last fall after successfully moving into a new elementary on Nichols Road the year before.

Bohrn says about 10,000 square feet of the 78-year-old building will be remodeled for the offices of local attorneys Curran & Associates and for Lake of the Ozarks Land Title Company.

She hopes the move for the attorneys and title company will be completed by early 2018. The remaining 20,000-plus-square feet will be available for small businesses that might benefit from the classroom-style makeup of the building. That could include a dance studio, preschool, fitness club, etc.

"We really didn't want to tear it down," Bohrn said. "It's part of our area's history, its unique, and we felt it should be preserved."

She noted an adjoining cemetery will also be preserved.

The Camdenton Board of Education voted Nov. 14, to declare the abandoned building across from the city park on Osage Beach Parkway as surplus property.

The original part of the building was built in 1938, and the last addition was constructed in 1996. The still functional brick building sits on five acres which are included in the bidding process. 

Other business

•The board approved four ordinances affecting the processes needed to hold a festival or parade. Assistant City Administrator Mike Welty said the intent is to make it easier for residents and staff when issuing festival and parade permits.

•Approved the bid of B&P Patterson Concrete of Linn for $67,533 for construction of a sidewalk along Dude Ranch Road from Osage Beach Elementary on Nichols Road to Woodland Cove Subdivision, with a sidewalk crossing at Dude Ranch Road. Bids ranged from the low bid to $137,037. Engineer's estimate was $63,060.

•The board appointed Brad Rozier to fill the unexpired term of TIF Commissioner Randy Winburn who is resigning. His term expires in May 2019. Donald Sturn will replace Geniece Tyler on the TIF Commission since Tyler is owner of one of the properties involved in the TIF application for Osage Beach Commons.