Check out the Lake Sun's complete coverage, 14 stories, from the Susan Van Note double-homicide trial in which she was found not-guilty by a Laclede County jury.

1. Jury in Van Note trial to be sequestered; opening statements Tuesday 

2. Opening statements focus on father-daughter relationship; possible other suspect

3. Day 3 dispatch from Van Note murder trial: Financial motive explored through testimony on family estate planning

4.'Remember September': Eerie testimony from former friends of Susan Van Note after attacks

5. Van Note defense attacks testimony of state witnesses; doctor testifies on William Van Note's condition

6. Forensic pathologist testifies on cause of deaths of William Van Note and Sharon Dickson 

7. William Van Note's signature was forged on DPOA, says handwriting expert called in Susan Van Note murder trial

8. Police interviews with accused killer Susan Van Note detail alleged disturbing past, then a joke about the 'perfect crime'

9. Double Murder Trial Day 5: FBI experts testify Susan Van Note cell pinged Sunrise Beach tower; electronic documents altered

10. Defense identifies 'shady character'; DNA evidence presented in Day 6 of Van Note murder trial

11. Fingerprint forensics and wealth management highlight morning of Susan Van Note double murder trial Day 7

12. Susan Van Note Defense rests after contentious forensics expert, long-time family friend testifies; closing statements Tuesday 

13. Closing statements focus on evidence, or lack thereof, in Van Note double murder trial; jury now in deliberations

14. After the verdict: Tears and silence following Susan Van Note acquittal for double murders