A quarter-mile stretch of Bagnell Dam Blvd. in Lake Ozark could see a speed limit change.
Alderman Vernon Jaycox raised the issue at the end of the Tuesday night's regular board of aldermen meeting, telling the board he's had constituents ask him why the speed limit on the section of street that fronts Menards in Eagle's Landing is only 40 miles per hour, while the speed limit on the adjoining Osage Beach Parkway is 45 mph.
Before the Expressway was completed several years ago, that long hill was  Highway 54 as the only route into Lake Ozark and Osage Beach. After the Expressway -- now known as Highway 54 -- was completed Lake Ozark officials renamed the quarter-mile section of highway from Rt. 242 to Osage Beach city limits as Bagnell Dam Blvd. City Administrator Dave Van Dee told the board that by ordinance Bagnell Dam Blvd. has a 40 mph speed limit, so when the section that parallels Menards was renamed it took on the lower speed limit.
He said he would visit with the city attorney and chief of police about amending the existing ordinance to increase the speed limit to 45 mph.

Ordinance changes
The board approved second and final reading of changes to three ordinances involving regular and special meetings, qualifications for mayoral candidates and declaring candidacy for elections.
Board members who call for a special meeting now must be present at the meeting they requested. A special meeting can be called by the mayor and/or two members of the board who must submit a written request to the city clerk, and those who called the meeting must be present along with at least two other members of the six-member board to ensure a quorum.
Aldermen adjusted the ordinance that establishes qualifications for running for mayor. The city's ordinances set guidelines for being an aldermen, but apparently did not address mayoral candidates. The board's action brings the rules inline for mayor and aldermen.
Requirements for candidacy are:
•Must be at least 25 years old.
•Must be a citizen of the United States.
•Must be a resident of the city of Lake Ozark at the time of the election and for at least a year prior.
•Must be a voter under the laws and constitution of the state.
•Must not be in arrears for any city taxes, or forfeiture or defalcation (misappropriation of money) in office

Cell towers
Aldermen gave first-round approval to an ordinance that revises height and set-back requirements for cell towers within the city limits.
Second reading of the ordinance will be at the next regular meeting Oct. 25. Doing so will bring the city in compliance with state statutes approved a couple of years ago.
The amended ordinance states that no wireless or support structures will be allowed in a residentially-zoned district other than for licensed amateur radio use, or disguised support structures without obtaining a special use permit. In addition, wireless towers or support structures cannot be more than 180 feet in height in a residentially zoned district, and disguised support structures (e.g. mono-poles) allowed through a special use permit will be limited to 100 feet in height.
Alderman Dennis Klautzer asked if the city could require cell tower companies to rent co-location space on existing towers to minimize the number of towers that can be erected within the city. But Van Dee noted that changes in state law in recent years strip the city's authority to manage cell towers.

Other business
•The board gave first-round approval to two ordinances regarding easements that are needed as part of the construction and long-term maintenance of a regional lift station and associated infrastructure for the new Fish Haven senior housing project. Second reading and final approval is expected Oct. 25. The project engineer is in the process of soliciting construction bids for the project and those are expected to be considered in November.
•The board moved the first regular meeting in November from Tuesday, Nov. 8, to Wednesday, Nov. 9, to avoid a conflict with Election Day.
•The board learned from Police Chief Gary Launderville's report that LOPD officers amassed 1,273 hours for the Magic Dragon Car Show, Lake Race, Shootout Meet and Greet and Bikefest. That total does not include the five Hot Summer Nights events, the various 5K races, Pub Crawl, St. Patrick's Day parade, and the Homecoming and Christmas parades.