In 1990, Joseph and his wife, Rita, along with two other artists, founded the National Oil Acrylic Painter’s Society.

Orr Studios showcases the wonderful talent of local artists Joseph and Rita Orr. If you're spending a weekend at the Lake, this is one place you’ll definitely want to visit during your trip.

Though he now resides in Osage Beach, Joseph has a colorful past that lead to his artistic career. Joseph was born in Japan and lived there for five years before being adopted and moving to the United States in 1954.

He was adopted into a military family and, because of that, traveled often but calls Salinas, Calif. his hometown. Joseph attended a year of college in California but ultimately moved to Missouri with his family.

In 1971, Joseph began working with Hallmark Cards as a machine operator, giving him the chance to marvel at the beautiful art published by Hallmark. This daily artistic view sparked his interest, so Joseph began taking private lessons from some of those Hallmark artists. He quickly took up different mediums and started entering and winning local art shows.

His success helped him to realize that a traditional day job was not for him, so he quit his job with Hallmark after one year to become a full-time painter. Shortly after, Joseph joined Word of Art, an art show tour group that the group booked art exhibits across America, bringing art to the masses. This gave Joseph, and many other artists, the chance to paint full time and sell their art to a unique audience.

Over the years, Joseph traveled throughout the Midwest and eastern and southeastern United States, an experience that allowed him to take up painting with acrylics. By sticking with his art and constantly improving his craft with acrylics, Joseph became known as “one of the early champions of that medium.”

In 1990, Joseph and his wife, Rita, along with two other artists, founded the National Oil Acrylic Painter’s Society.

Rita Orr grew up in rural Missouri and knew from an early age that art was for her. Rita says that her artistic career began with batik (producing colored designs on textiles by dyeing them), then moved to printmaking. Through the use of these mediums, she developed her particular style, experimenting with colors.

By studying various artists who paint in a similar style, Rita says she has trained her eye “to break a scene into patterns of color shapes,” allowing her to “master her own style and have the opportunity to see her work included in numerous public and private collections.”

Rita’s list of accomplishments is quite extensive – visit to view the full list and to view her portfolio.

All are encouraged to visit Orr Studio at 1405 Highway KK, Osage Beach, and view the couple’s artwork, including Joseph’s “Landscapes of America:” scenes inspired by the Lake and other travels.

Visit to view Joseph’s portfolios from each gallery, and call 573-280-1444 for inquiries about available paintings, commissions or to schedule private showings.