Lake of the Ozarks has two tearooms for friend and family gatherings. In either one, guests can restore their flagging spirits before renewing their quest for the perfect gift and ideal seasonal décor.

November ushers in holiday excitement and cool weather, making a cozy tea room the perfect destination for conversation and good feelings. Lake of the Ozarks has two tearooms for friend and family gatherings. In either one, guests can restore their flagging spirits before renewing their quest for the perfect gift and ideal seasonal décor. 

Shady Gables

Located in a quaint Victorian home more than a century old and lovingly restored, Shady Gables opens a door into an 1840 tradition for English high tea. For 17 years, they have accepted reservations for light fare accompanied by a selection of more than 100 teas.

It consistently earns reviews that place the restaurant and tearoom in the top 50 across the United States, thanks to the vision set by owner Terry Silvey. He played on the grounds as a boy. Now he labors in the gardens to bring spring buds to glorious life in the summer.

Throughout the year, however, there are blooms indoors. Wherever the eyes falls, guests see floral décor, fringe and lace adorned lamps, garden-themed linens, and ceramic teapots decorated with some of nature’s most delicate flowers.

The gift shop also sells more than 100 blends of tea from all around the world. One from a region in China is Lapsang Souchong with leaves dried over smoky pine and oak wood. Each cup delivers the heady aromas of wood fire smoke and so does each sip — just like a fine Scotch. It compliments the savory elements of Shady Gables’ fare quite nicely.

Fruit blends are also on hand, and Pam Silvey admits the Tea of the Month she creates is often fruity as fruit-flavored teas are her favorite. In September, that blend was Peaceful Plum Pear, a blend bringing to mind ripe fall fruits. It, too, complimented the food, especially sweet items.

When reserving a time and day to experience Shady Gables, guests also select The Queen’s Choice or The Princess’s Preference. Both options feature a light lunch tea meal including fruit in season, scones with sides of lemon curd or preserves, savory bite-sized sandwiches, sweet treats, and a tiny portion of delicious, creamy sorbet at meal’s end. The Queen’s Choice adds two luncheon items: an individually-sized Quiche Lorraine and a Rosemary Chicken Salad sandwich on a croissant.

Every bite is delicious and perfectly suited for hot tea. While eating and sipping, guests will enjoy soft music, soft light, stellar customer service, and delightful gift shop of items surrounding them. Some people make Shady Gables a monthly or at least annual destination just to try a different tea or recall a time when people enjoyed a more formal event during their busy days.

Others call on Shady Gables for special occasions that can be scheduled outside of regular hours. These include wedding receptions and birthday parties when the honoree can order a teapot-shaped cake in white or chocolate to add to their fond memories of time well spent in a charming location.

Yankee Peddlers

Yankee Peddlers is another tearoom with a long history at Lake of the Ozarks. Now located at The Landing on Main Street and across from Yankee Peddlers Village Antiques, the new restaurant has more space for diners who enjoy Yankee Peddlers’ signature dishes, including a chicken or tuna salad stuffed tomato — as long as tomatoes are in season and delicious. Year-round selections are quiche, soups, salads, and the restaurant’s signature dessert, the Turtle Ice Cream Pie.

The Go Nuts! Salad is one of the more popular selections. Featuring green peas, sunflower seeds, and sprouts over a spring mix and under a citrus vinaigrette, the salad is filling and nutritious. It’s rich in greens, fresh in dressing, and hearty in protein. It can be ordered in a half-size and paired with one of several sandwiches or with the quiche of the day.

A broccoli-cheddar quiche pleases as a result of the quantity of cheese mixed into and topping tender egg baked into a flaky crust. The broccoli-cheddar soup was equally rich and creamy.

One of the most popular tea choices at Yankee Peddlers is the Blackberry Jasmine Green Iced Tea, brewed perfectly to bring out the flavor of summer fruit and to refresh. Brewed equally well was a pot of hot Earl Grey. Many more selections are available, but every day there are specials blends.

Open daily, the restaurant is perfect for a mid-afternoon pick-me-up dessert after walking off lunch while shopping the Landing. The Turtle Ice Cream Pie always on hand, is vanilla ice cream with a chocolate shell below a graham cracker crust. On top of the slice are whipped cream, caramel, chopped pecans, and a sundae cherry on top. The Coconut Cream pie was equally delicious with a mountain of meringue perched above a smooth filling.

Lace curtains and Victorian-themed collectibles add to the cozy atmosphere. Book clubs meet at Yankee Peddlers, but most of the customers are people reuniting to catch up and share the joys of the season.

It’s a Lake tradition, in part because the quality and service are consistently good. So is the food and tea.