The Bank of America Gallery inside Kansas City Union Station is hosting the renowned Mummies of the World exhibition from June 17 through Jan. 1, 2018.

Move over, Tom Cruise, mummies are coming to Kansas City.

The Bank of America Gallery inside Kansas City Union Station is hosting the renowned Mummies of the World exhibition from June 17 through Jan. 1, 2018.

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Mummies of the World tells the story of the mummies and mummification through state-of-the-art multimedia, hands-on interactive stations and cutting-edge 3-D animation. 

Through the exhibition, visitors embark on a 4,500-year journey to explore the mummies’ history and origins as well as how they were created, both through natural and intentional practices.

The exhibition features a group of fascinating mummies and artifacts on loan from 12 world-renowned museums, organizations and collections coming from five countries including:

• The Baron Von Holz, a German nobleman found tucked away in the family crypt of a 14th century castle wearing his best leather boots.

• The Vac Mummies, a mummified family from Hungary believed to have died from tuberculosis.

• The Burns Collection, a group of medical mummies used to teach anatomy in the early 19th century.

• An Egyptian priest named Nes-Hor whom we have determined had arthritis and a broken left hip.

• Egyptian animal mummies including a falcon, a fish, a dog and a baby crocodile, many of which were deliberately preserved to accompany royals for eternity.

• MUMAB, the first replication of Egyptian mummification done on a body in 2800 years.

Galleries for visitors to explore include:

The Natural Mummification Gallery, which looks at how bodies can preserve as a result of the natural environment. Human and animal mummies in this gallery include those from hot, dry environments in South America, and a natural sand-salt environment in Egypt.

The Artificial Mummification Gallery, which focuses on mummies that have been prepared by humans for cultural reasons. The human and animal mummies in this gallery include an elaborately bandaged cat, and two adults from Ancient Egypt.

The Experimental Mummification Gallery, where visits see MUMAB, a body recently mummified following the techniques used by Ancient Egyptian embalmers, with detailed scientific documentation of the process. This gallery will include not only the mummy, but several of the tools used to prepare the body, all of which were replicated from original Egyptian embalming.

The Science and Medicine Gallery, focusing on the links between mummies, science and medicine. Aside from showing mummies prepared for medical purposes, this gallery includes examples of the application of scientific and medical techniques for the anaylsis of mummies, and the important shift from autopsy to modern medical science to study mummies.

Advance ticket reservations are recommended by visiting the website or the Union Station Box Office. For more information about group visits, call 816-460-2020 or visit