Local artist Julia Barton says that she’s been creating art of some sort for all her life.

Local artist Julia Barton says that she’s been creating art of some sort for all her life.

No matter what she has created or where she has gone for her art, Julia says that it is the support of her amazing parents, “who never denied me space to create and have encouraged me all the way,” that have inspired her to continue pursuing her passion.

So, when her parents moved to the Versailles area, Julia and her husband followed suit, but she didn’t let the change in scenery affect her art career.

Though she’d been creating, teaching, and selling art for years, Julia decided she wanted a change in pace and accepted a position at Woodland Scenics in Linn Creek. Woodland Scenics is noted as the world’s leading provider of “the highest quality, most realistic model scenery for all modeling projects,” and Julia was excited to work with the company as a product developer for five years.

She says that Woodland Scenics’ products “were a part of my life long before I took the job, so it was a great fit for me!”

When it comes to her preferred artistic mediums and styles, Julia says she doesn’t have a “true favorite. To choose one would inherently mean one is loved more than another and my learning would cease. This will never happen until my last breath.”

Though she may not have a favorite medium, she certainly creates art all across the board. Her work includes, but is certainly not limited to, 3D cakes, resin sculptures and jewelry, model scenery, paintings, pottery, and life castings.

To fully utilize her talents, Julia and her friends Debbie Williams and Linda Vogel have created Lake Studio for the Arts, located in nearby Sunrise Beach. Here, Julia accepts commission work and offers various workshops and parties for all sorts of styles and mediums. In these workshops and parties, she challenges her students to “vacate the norm and experience new styles, tools and materials for art.”

Interested parties make appointments and inquire about commissions by contacting Julia by phone at (573) 317-6818 or the Lake Studio’s Facebook. In addition to her work at the studio, Julia (“The Juliart”) teaches classes to an online community on www.instructables.com.

Also, she and her friend Sandy Burnett have become interested in working with the creative medium enamel, a product that enables you to coat materials like wood, metal, glass, and paper with a shiny, glossy, or protective topcoat. Visit www.enamelit.com for more information and to view their gallery.

Julia’s work truly never stops! Art is her passion, and she believes that her gifts and talents “are on loan and she must share them – that is her legacy.” To learn more about Julia and to view her works, visit any of the above website links – you won’t be disappointed!