Here are five of our favorite ways to cool down from the summer heat at Lake of the Ozarks -- from indoors, outdoors, below ground, and more!

1. Get in the water

The Lake of the Ozarks is known for, well, the lake, but we also have many other water-related attractions, including Big Surf Waterpark in Osage Beach, municipal swimming pools in Camdenton, Eldon and Versailles as well as pools with swim-up bars at lakefront entertainment venues.

2. Make a splash

We love the lake and pools, but there’s nothing quite like good ol’ Ozark well water to cool you down when temperatures spike. The best part - you can do this in your own backyard. Hook up a slip ’n’ slide or a sprinkler, start a water balloon/ water gun fight or get out a stick or plastic bat for a little water balloon piñata action.

3. Ice down

Ok, it would have to get a lot hotter before we’d recommend you literally ice down. But the heart of summer is the best time for an iced beverage. Hey, hydration is key. So in the midst of time on the lake or that backyard water fight, wet your whistle with a snow-cone, slushie or whatever frozen treat tickles your fancy.

4. Head indoors

If the heat and humidity just get to be too much for you, head indoors and still have fun at places like Get Air, a trampoline park in Osage Beach. For something more relaxing, try one of the local libraries, or movie theaters or a live music venue like Main Street Music Hall.

5. Go underground

It’s always an invigorating 60 degrees at popular Bridal Cave near Camdenton. Guided tours, which take you past huge mineral deposits forming giant columns and draperies, leave every few minutes and last about an hour. Jacob’s Cave near Gravois Mills and Ozark Caverns at Lake of the Ozarks State Park near Osage Beach also offer great experiences at cool, steady temperatures.