The three existing Stryker Orthodontics locations - located Camdenton, Lebanon and Waynesville - will transition to 'Westrock Orthodontics' over the next 12-18 months.

Local orthodontists Dr. Ross Stryker and his associate Dr. Amy Schulte of Stryker Orthodontics have announced a partnership with Westrock Orthodontics, a subsidiary of Rock Dental Brands.

The three existing Stryker Orthodontics locations - located Camdenton, Lebanon and Waynesville - will transition to ‘Westrock Orthodontics’ over the next 12-18 months.

“After 35 years in private practice of which 27 have been in the specialty of orthodontics, and nearly 10,000 cases treated, I felt that the time was right to partner with a group like Rock Dental Brands, meanwhile continue serving the orthodontic needs of our community,” said Dr. Stryker.

Dr. Stryker and Dr. Schulte will remain practicing out of the three existing Stryker Orthodontics locations in order to continue the quality care that they have already been delivering. Patients will not see any changes in the office’s talented staff or their treatment plans.

“Our team is excited about becoming part of the Westrock brand. We are fortunate to be working with a group that places such a high emphasis on quality care and customer service,” said Dr. Stryker.

Collectively, Westrock Orthodontics is able to provide patients access to a wealth of knowledge with a network of specialists across Arkansas and Missouri. This ensures that they are receiving the most successful and advanced treatment possible.

“Our team's commitment to going above and beyond for our patients is what sets us apart, and this will always be one of our core values. We are in the business of transforming lives, and I'm proud to become a part of Westrock Orthodontics,” said Dr. Schulte.

Dr. Stryker expressed his gratitude to the people of the Camdenton, Lebanon and Waynesville communities for the support they have shown the practice over the years.

Dr. Mark Dake, Chief Dental Officer for Rock Dental Brands, and Dr. Stryker have been colleagues and consulted with one another in their orthodontic practice for over 25 years. Dr. Dake, originally from West Plains, Mo., has been a part of Westrock Orthodontics for over five years now.

"We are thrilled to add Stryker Orthodontics to the Westrock Orthodontics family," said Dr. Dake. "Dr. Stryker and Dr. Schulte share our vision for providing the highest quality patient care to each and every community we serve. Their experience and expertise will make our network of dentists and orthodontists even stronger."