The three schools serving the immediate lake area are within half a point of each other when comparing ACT scores for 2014.

The three schools serving the immediate lake area are within half a point of each other when comparing ACT scores for 2014.

According to figures from the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary and Education, School of the Osage and Camdenton are virtually tied at 22.2 and 22.1 respectively, and Eldon is a close third at 21.7. The results reflect testing of juniors on a voluntary basis.

The average among Missouri schools was 21.6.

The School of the Osage Board of Education was presented the school’s ACT scores at the regular monthly meeting Aug. 25. Faculty and staff were told of the high marks during pre-school meetings in early August. This is the best Osage has done in seven years.

“This year’s ACT results are a testament to the dedication of our Osage families and faculty,” Assistant Superintendent Dr. Laura Nelson said. “We recognize that the ACT is an important benchmark, and our high school faculty is working very hard to ensure each student has an opportunity to achieve his or her maximum potential. This year’s scores are evidence of our continuous improvement efforts paying off for students.”

Students are tested in English, math, reading and science, and OHS students improved in each category. Reading scores at Osage, Camdenton and Eldon were the highest, while math was the lowest, according to DESE figures.

Other area schools

Test results actually increased in Versailles and Macks Creek from a year ago, but fell dramatically at Climax Springs.

Versailles increased from 20.3 in 2013 to 20.5 this year; Macks Creek went from 19.2 to 19.8; but Climax Springs fell from 19.4 to 16.7.

The ACT test is scored on a scale of 1-36. The score is commonly used by colleges and universities to make decisions regarding acceptance, scholarships and score enrollments. Historically, it has been an optional assessment. However, beginning in the spring of 2015, Missouri juniors will take the test as part of a statewide effort to measure college and career readiness.

Fees for the April 28, 2015, test will be paid by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.

At School of the Osage, only 67.5 percent of the junior class took the test. At Camdenton, 58.8 percent took the test, at Eldon 59 percent, at Versailles 55.4, at Climax Springs 61.1 percent and at Macks Creek 69.6 percent took the text.

School officials say they expect scores to decline next year since all juniors ― even those not planning to pursue post-secondary education at a college or university ― will be required to take the test.


After nearly a decade of scoring at 21.6, Missouri graduates have raised their ACT composite score to 21.8. The composite is higher than the national average of 21, and composite scores in each of the four ACT subject areas have increased over the past five years.

There was a slight decrease in the number of students taking the test; in 2013, 49,217 students took the ACT in Missouri compared with 48,865 in 2014. Despite the dip in actual numbers, the percentage of graduating seniors who took the test — 76 percent — rose two percent.