1 Cheers to
all the lake-area football teams for their outstanding showing in the first week of games. What an exciting way to start the season with all wins!

2 Cheers to
finally having the opportunity to get some answers in the drowning death of an Iowa man in custody. Hopefully the coroner’s inquest will shed some light on what didn’t have to be a deadly situation.

3 Cheers to
Sheikh Hassan and his team for crushing the Shootout record! We predict the 244 mph record will stand for quite some time.

1 Jeers to
all the negative comments about the tragic wreck at the Shootout from people outside the area. Without knowing anything about the Shootout, we’ve seen people call the driver reckless and drunk. What they don’t realize is that racers are professionals and understand the risks they take. Unfortunately, sometimes bad things just happen. To those making noise: leave it at that.

2 Jeers to
the weather for turning so hot at the wrong point in the year. We wouldn’t have minded the heat when families had more time to hit the pool, but now it’s too late.