The Heritage Building on the Leland O. Mills Campus at School of the Osage will be the focus as students return to school at Osage Wednesday morning.

The Heritage Building on the Leland O. Mills Campus at School of the Osage will be the focus as students return to school at Osage Wednesday morning.

Of particular interest will be the new look to a 60-year-old building that was renovated and expanded as part of a $22 million bond issue approved by school district voters in April 2013. The board of education, school officials and bond issue organizers promised to retain the character of the oldest building in the Osage inventory, but provide it with modern amenities.

A public open house is scheduled for 2 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 21.


Anyone entering the Heritage Building will find all exterior doors locked. There are two public entrances to the building: One toward the southwest end of the building for Preschool and central office staff; the other centrally located for students, teachers and support staff.

Entry can be gained only with visual approval from staff inside the building, or with a special ID card issued to each employee. Visitors will push a button on a flush-mounted security camera. Secretarial staff will be able to see the visitor and communicate via a speaker system. If the visitor is authorized, he or she will be buzzed into the building.

School at Heritage will begin at 7:55 a.m. at which time the doors will lock. Anyone wanting to enter between that time and 3 p.m. will require approval from staff.

A letter was sent to Heritage Elementary parents and guardians from school administration outlining the process.

“Please remember that the safety of our students is our first priority,” the letter noted.

Due to enhanced security procedures, parents will no longer walk their children into the classroom or pick-up inside the building. Until Labor Day, parents will be allowed to park in front of the school and join their child in the gym for the daily morning activity. After Labor Day, all parents will be required to use the drop-off lane and are encouraged to watch for signage.

During drop-off and pick-up, four vehicles will be unloaded or loaded at a time.

The Lake Ozark Police Department will continue to maintain its presence at Heritage in the mornings and afternoons. They will continue to conduct frequent walk-throughs of the building and be visible to students and staff.


All school buses will enter from Bagnell Dam Boulevard onto Old School Road. Buses then will proceed to the back of the Heritage Building for loading and unloading students.  

Parent traffic will enter from off Bagnell Dam Boulevard onto Henderson Lane then into the student drop-off loop in front of the Heritage building. There will be four orange cones in front of the Heritage building for parents to drop off their student to manage the safe unloading procedure.

All buses and public traffic will exit out on Henderson Lane.

School of the Osage operates a shuttle system between the Mills Campus and the Highway 42 Campus as a convenience to parents who have students at multiple schools. The student drop-off point is located at the beginning of the sidewalk in front of the school. Parents are asked to arrive no later than 7:25 a.m. Signs and personnel will be in front of the school to direct parents.

New website

A new, easily navigable website was launched by School of the Osage Friday, Aug. 15, after months of planning and involvement by the Technology Committee of the Five-Year Strategic Plan.

The public can access specific information on each school by going to

Anyone with questions can call the Heritage Office at 573-365-5341.