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  • Village of Four Seasons chafes over sign slight

  • Highway 54 expressway exits for Lake Ozark and Osage Beach are clearly marked, but the Village of Four Seasons is not. While all three municipalities are incorporated, the Village can't seem get the attention of Missouri Department of Transportation officials.
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  • in the words of the late rodney dangerfield, the village of four seasons can’t get any respect.
    and village officials hope that will change soon.
    highway 54 expressway exits for lake ozark and osage beach are clearly marked, but the village of four seasons is not. while all three municipalities are incorporated, the village can’t seem get the attention of missouri department of transportation officials.
    village clerk tom laird is pushing modot to place exit signs on highway 54 for the village so motorists cann identify the route to four seasons. but so far, nobody is taking him seriously.
    modot area engineer bob lynch said in a letter to the village that modot is considering a destination sign at the beginning of route 242 once motorists leave the interchange area. the roadway was opened a few years ago to connect highway 54 with bagnell dam blvd., horseshoe bend and the village of four seasons.
    laird said while the route 242 sign would be welcome, there’s still a need for exit signage on highway 54 that directs motorists to the village. once motorists get onto route 242, they already know where they’re going, laird noted. signage on highway 54 would help direct them to the village, just like lake ozark, osage beach, camdenton, etc.
    ironically, lake ozark (which is marked on highway 54) has an estimated 2012 population of 1,614; the village (not marked) has nearly 600 more residents at 2,208.
    lynch said in his letter that for modot to consider highway 54 signage, the village needs to install city limit signs along horseshoe bend parkway so travelers know when they have entered the village of four seasons.
    laird is quick to point out, complete with color photos, two large signs on horseshoe bend parkway that welcome motorists into the village and that encourages them to return as they leave. the board has ordered a different type of city limits signs in hopes of appeasing modot. these will be added along the parkway.
    lynch’s letter said that modot does not plan to adjust existing signage on highway 54, but would consider the village’s request when the signs need to be replaced.

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